Chiranjeevi's own... James Pond! A week part 1.

 Thank you for watching all the "trailers". I expect better responce for the posts in general, I hope you people won't dissapoint me and so will I :)

So since today till Sunday if you don't like Chiru, stay away. I'm going to post only stuff only Mega Star related.
Chantabbai is a  from 1986. Known as classic comedy, it's "inspired" by A Shot in the Dark.
I wanted to watch since... Year? Thanks to Mariola's review(s). But somehow I never managed to do so, only recently I grabbed it and saw in a row with other Chiru classics.

Movie starts with extraordinary credits, two kinds of them, on colorful boars along with descrition of cast and crew there are cartoons connected with the movie.
Second one are terrific, we have man cycling who finds names of film crew on misc places and he write them down in his notebook.
Then he comes to his Guru, Panduranga Rao (Chiranjeevi), private detective.
Actually, his boss prefers to be called James Pond, though maybe he's maybe not that successful as original, he's as stylish and always ready to invistigate.
He falls in love with Jhwala (Suhasini), in mean time he earns her respect by solving murder case in which she was accused of killing diamond businessman.
That's why she recommends him to her friend, Dr. Nischala (Mucherla Aruna), as she want to find her bother.
Who's that brother?

That was terrific watch! Defenitely one of the best comedies I've ever seen.

Chiranjeevi was awesome. I didn't expected him to play such crazy character with that ease.
And Suhasini was no less.

 Gosh, Allu Aravind apperances where hillarious, I still laugh even as I finished watching the movie long ago.

I loved sets, costumes, everything!

And overally I have nothing much to say, cause am speechless, and I just want to make you, dear reader, see it, if you hasn't yet, because it's genius :)
Rate - 5
VM - 100%

Shock, Chiru as 1) woman 2) without moustache!


  1. it's one of my fav chiranjeevi movie.whoever saw it they liked.i developed a huge cult following.the sad thing is that its a flop movie.even the greatest film experts cant understand why it bombed.finally,u should watch other jandhya ,director,movies like aha na pellanta

  2. krishna mohan, if such movies flop, I doubt what flicks were successful then...
    I saw it, review is somewhere here, check the list :)


Thanks! Can u do this more often?

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