Jeeva impressive once again - Raam (2005)

What a movie! Ameer never fails to give his best, I'm waiting for his next with the gorgeous Mamta and guy who need a break from remakes, Jayam Ravi himself. I hope he would once again be more a male than youth ;)

Caming back to Raam, it's about mother sentiment, mental illness, difficult love and, most importantly, pain.

Jeeva is one of my favest, after all those flicks I saw with him I still can't belive he hasn't got any academic diploma in acting but yet he's able to give us such intensity... WOW. I want more and just can't wait for his next with double act.

Saranya is a woman with certain abliness to be in same level all career long, acting with same brilliance trough years. For he, here's one of her best performances. But still she's not able to steal Jeeva the show, because he's at his best.
Gajala was commendable, with good but still not that confident performance. Her best scene? Interval one.
WOW, I saw Rahman after quite a gap, I adore this guy so much. Along with Murari, they delivered good roles as cops, maybe thay hasn't got that much time to create much memorable, timeless characters but for sure they were good enough.

Script... Filled with very drastic scenes, to be honest. And just like in Sethu case, I'm gald I survived.

Rate - 5(-)
VM - 75%

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