Magadheera - second (OK, third) inning

I fulfilled my promise - I went for the screening and shouted MEGA STAR. Mogambo kush hua ;)

I know now here I have Chiru week now, but I didn't posted an opening note yet and it's still Chiru-related, kada? :)

My first take on Magadheera, optimistic yet confused only because I didn't made up my mind clearly then and just posted few ramblings.

Big hug to my friend Suzy (not Sita-ji ;)) and Grus which managed to stand my behaviour, that is not only the MEGA shout but also I overcomed my shyness and managed to sing Bangaru Kodi Petta, Jorsey and Dheera along with the movie (:D:D). I think I could try to sing rest of the song too, but I just don't like them that much, though I know the lyrics too. Grus only told me that I enjoyed songs more than the movie. I agree, am like this only. Patha ante pranam, chitram? Release ayyi... pOyaayi. Most of them, there are just too many great OSTs for crappy flicks.
I learned in primary school the art of comment, and I was sharing my thoughts all the 3 hours long. Too loud but I think/hope my talk was interesting as I did few researches on the movie such as original Bangaru Kodi Petta dancer is now Srihari wife etc.
I shared superb talk with Grus later, we walked home together and she promised me to bring few hindi classics next time we meet, as she always borrow me lots of dvds. And duh, when I told her about my South Scope adventures such as tiffs with Allu Sirish and his note about me being not nice etc, she was quite amazed - she had no idea he cares.
Suzy is a person which knows Indian cinema mostly thanks to me, but she switched off Pokiri after 10 minutes - "Too much violence" she said, that was a dvd borrowed her by myself, I wanted her to watch her first Southie She knows Bollywood but not that much, really. Am the freak after all, crazy people like me needs normal friends ;)
And guess what - she liked the movie! Though she told me it was maybe too predictable :) Maybe I can try to make her watch Pokiri once again... BTW, she snapped the photo of mine in my Devdas t-shirt with Magadheera poster in the background, the one which is in the right side.
Also there was my fellow Sid psychofan, Simi. She were sitting behind me and I realised it only when they switched off the lights even if there was still Dheera playing on screen. I just hope she didn't minded my behaviour.
I also met there my forummate Aksay, woman who made me love Venkatesh (and she teached me few other cinema-related things too but nothing is that important as my pyaar for Victorious Hero ;)). She is the master in cheering, shouting and just enjoying movies. I learned it from her, too, and I even booed when Kajal came (:P), guys, she's just OK, at best.
It's funny that after the climax, Suzy went to WC and when I was still watching Dheera song with Grus, and when she was waiting for us after it, some guy accosted her and said he's a critic and he never saw such reception. LOLz ;D I guess he never met us, pichhi Polish people whos hobby are Indian movies. Thank God he didn't missed such chance. Pity that my friend didn't asked his name, maybe he would wrote something about his experience and eager to read it!

I wrote about the show but what I about the movie?
I don't belive in the 'new generation' wave in Tollywood, with 'family' guys like RaNa, Bunny, Chaittu and Cherry (pardon if I missed someone) who are said to be ready to experiment, break records and pit.
There's a popular Polish song titled "Generation" (in Polish it's "Pokolenie"). It's maybe too popular but I do like lyrics, there's a verse about reaching the top and when you are there, you find that there's nothing much than footsteps of previous generations. And each and every "new" generation wants to achieve something "new", and usually it's not that approved by elders.
I don't think those guys are able to change Tollywood in at least 50%, 10% would be a sucess. It's the audience which doesn't want to experiment.
I totally agree with Hemanth that RCT dialogue delivery is way far from being imressive. He's not his dad but in few scenes I see that he's uninternationally imitating Chiru.
Finding his own style can help him, but I don't know if he's an actor of this caliber to be able to search for his true identity.
There was a scene where he exchanged dialogues with Shihari, that was awful - Srihari is a master of delivery while RCT was just murmuring something.
His face when he was supposed to think was hillarious, imagine him in school :D Grus and Suzy almost
Of course, he can dance (but it's Chiru who's better in Bangaru Kodi Petta), fight but nothing much.
I do want Orange to flop, maybe Cherry would learn only after this flick how to act. Too much love will kill him!
To sum up - RCT is better with his muscle than his mouth.

I've mentioned that Kajal was just OK, I have in my mind list of about 15 actresses which could be 100 times better here, same case as in RCT case, there are few guys which not only speak better but they can act also.

Srihari made the movie. Totally. If Sher Khan / Salmon  were played by Prakash Raj or Paresh Rawal for example, some kind of extraordinary intensity would fade away.
Anyone can tell me why he had Puduthene Uyaalaa as a jingle?

Villain? I liked him more than I used to while first watch, thid dubbed laugh was hillarious yet scary. I don't think the voice suited Dev Gill, but who else could dub him?

AAAAAAA, Rao Ramesh! He is just great. Soooo versatile. Agora here, teacher there, rebel somewhere else and father too. What a variety!

Im' so glad that I've noticed Saloni's small SA, so adorable. Not to kiss Srihari? Tappu!

Mumaith rocked the screen. Isn't she the best?

Chiru way one of the reasons for me to watch it again. I like him so much now, his son would never be better than he is. Ugh, why did they pasted fragment of Gharana Mogudu, Mega Star can't dance now or what?
BTW, I saw the movie and Chiranjeevi's cameo was more clear to me, as they use dialogues and gestures from the movie itself :)

Hmm. I think there was few mistakes in the choice of costumes, some materials didn't existed in 17th century and jewellery was too modern too, some designs were way too modern. They should learn from Aayirathil Oruvan, there costumes was just mindblowing, in terms of being historically correct, also some of the were very pretty.

Visuals are better on silver screen, maybe special effects partly were too special but... It was fun, and all I wanted from Magadheera was fun as I know the movie isn't the best SS Rajamouli can give us.
Who mixed sound? It's terrible or maybe it was the fault of the dvd which the cinema had... I don't know, overall this part of postproduction was terrible.

Music - honestly, I like only 3 songs and the rest is just duh. Maestro Keeravani is able to create magic, not some passable tracks like Nakosam nuvvu.
But background score... This is superb! I think about trying to get all the tracks directly from the movie, you know the Polish Prodiginess in me ;)

Choreography in Swiss song, Nakosam Nuvvu, is terrible. Epic fail like in Rahasamay, total facepalm. I like only the dance with blue road board in the background.
But Dheera dheera... This is epic. I loved the moves.
Jorsey is a damn catchy song, maybe the wet part is a thing which makes me loathe video.
Bangaru Kodi Petta is so fun!

I wish I could edit this movie. Videos would be so fun to edit and lots of blue-boxes in period parts - whoo!
I think on art lessons they should try make kids do smaller version of details like swords :P Great exercise, after all.

And the last thing - I had feeling that Magadheera is just an extended version of two songs: O priya priya and Desingu Raja.
I meant it, just look - "story" from Geethanjali and Dum Dum Dum kind of impressive sets, chech those songs on YT cousin.

Anyways, I had fun. That is what I wanted and for what I payed 12 złoty (about 5$).
I didn't liked Magadheera much as a movie, it's average for me. Like any other flick, it has it's own pros and cons. I've read one good article about the secret of such stupendous sucess - AP audience isn't familar with Hollywood flicks like 300, for example. If they would be, the opening scene wouldn't be that celebrated.

I just wanted to check if this one also needs to be seen in cinema to get all the fun, for me Yamadonga is like this only, when I saw it in cinema I loved it (my 4th Southie!) but when I rewatched it later on my laptop, I had no idea why I liked it so much.

I just sometimes had feeling that I'm laughing in incorrect moments.


  1. actually 300 was dubbed in telugu and released here and was a huge hit

  2. I'm happy that you had fun seeing this on the big screen. I'm not bold enough to yell in the the theater. :-D For me the movie was just ok.

  3. Hi there! You wrote about me too :D Thanks! It was great talking to you as well! I started a blog as well and my first post is on Magadheera. Take a look if you want: http://sthsth.blogspot.com/2010/09/magadheera.html

  4. Thanks for the responce, guys :)


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