Remake of korean movie and 5th Mamta's flick - Madhuchandralekha (2006)

I saw it only for Mamta, later I saw Urvasi in the cast and that only made me finish this one.

It's about a family, Jayaram who's a singer, and Urvasi, kind of football mom. They are a happy pai, despite of differences.
When Mamta Mohandas enters the scene, playing young girl, things spin topsy-turvy - Urvasi thinks she would be a prefect wife for her husband.

God, I was sooo bored. Script is weak.

Though acting isn't, Mamta made confident debut while Urvasi was as usual great to watch. Jayaram was good too. (AA, he have no moustache in one scene!) Kids were cute.
The idea for making all the happanings lead us to such climax, wasn't bad but the movie turned worst than it was planned, I think. No doubts it deserved a flop!

Rate - 2
VM - 25%

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