Two girls, one guy, some love - Krishna (2007)

I was worried how the movie will be, as it's a remake of some old-school Surya starrer. Luckily - the remake turned to be much different than the original and I'm not sure if it's still a remake.

Our hero Krishna (Ganesh) have his own TV show, there he takes care about purity of Kannada lang. With purity he means lack of English words. The show is based on viewers phoning anchor.
Apart of his job, Krishna stays with a friend in a rented flat. Owners daughter isn't a nice girl.
One day, suddenly, Krishna have a call from some lady that is speaking in different way and adds an 'I love you'... Who's that?

Suprise, I liked it! Despite of my nemesis, Pooja Gandhi :P
Thank God, the drama wasn't that unwatchable as it happens for me a lot in kannada movies. I don't like too much of sentiment!
OK, intelligent sentiment - that's good. But that pathetic 80-90 stuff? Blah.

I liked Ganesh's performance a lot. He was natural, his body lang suits character and he looks good in that haircut :)
His climax speech was same as Surya's but he managed to deliver his dialogue with equal ease!

Pooja Gandhi? Well, let's skip her, it's better for my health. You want me to post new posts, right?
Sneha was better but her character was way different, less annoying.

I like Sharmila Mandre ever since I saw my first movie with here. In Krishna she sports a village look and different character than the urben girl that I'm used to connect with her. She's good, for me better than Laila ;)

Enjoy the best (hahah) song from this movie (overall the OST by Harikrishna is average) with rocking Suchitra:

Rate - 4
VM - 75%

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