Where are speedbreakers? - Ride (2009)

God, I've waited so long to watch it, even if I knew it won't be good.
And it wasn't.

There are two guys. Both obssesed with bikes.
Day by day, they met, why?

Arghhh. It's partly ripped from Polladhavan, that even has it's telugu remake, Kurradu. But the remake released after Ride and as the former was a hit, the remake was a flop, sadly. Why? Cause it's a nice movie after all, much better than Ride.

Anyways, for me firstly cast failed. Tanish, Nani, Aksha and Sweta aren't bad but defenitely - some of them are able to be much better.
Adarsh whad some WTF-filled character, I had no idea what the hell he wanted.
Any why there's Navdeep at the end? Huh?

I totally don't find the plot gripping, it's rather stupid, not even hillarious. I guess someone wanted to make it fast-moving, light-hearted and thought-provoking at one time, fail.
Who wrote the script? I don't know if I would wrote better one.
WTF, can't they be friends ever since first quarrel?

Only asset? Music by Hemachandra, popular singer who made his composing debut with this album. Especially Dancave remix, Mahive and Naa manasantha, but without videos, they are 101% dissapointing.

All in all, it's a pass-by movie, if you want to watch it when boredom is killing you - don't do it, next morning someone would find you dead.

Rate - 0,2
VM - 25%


  1. Totally agree.. The writing was shoddy and the characters didn't have anything strong about them. Tanish got ample time to develop the character where Nani has like 2 scene. And dont get me started on the pairing or romance quotient!!! What romance more like?!? Music was really good but was let down by the lyrics. I watched it only for Nani and Swetha whom I loved in Ashta Chamma and KBL respectively.. Bleh!

    Good review once again!!

  2. Agree! It was a bigger hit than Oy? Shame... Oy is like x times better!
    Nandri, chellam :)


Thanks! Can u do this more often?

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