When I went to see shooting for hindi movie (in Cracow!)


In my life I would never expect something like that to happend!

An Indian movie, titled Mujjahir is under shooting in my home town, Cracow. 1/3 of the budget will be spent here :)
Directed by Prashant Chadha.
Cracow will be Cracow, not like the Polish moutains, Tatry, in Fanaa that "acted" as Kashmir.

I went to the Szczepański square, the main place of recent shoot, right after the school, a bit unprepared, previously checked what's irreplaceable Grus saying.
I went there from my with friend, Suzy, the same girl that saw Magadheera with me :D
And we met fellow Rusałka, for all of them - mega thanks. And I also owe much to Askay and Mariola, what? Just wait :)

So we went to this square, where the shooting were supposed to take place, to check it out.

[this version is censored cuted, extended one is here but - in Polish. Forget Google translate!]

They whirled some ride on the chute, i.e. the hero (probably, we didn't have the pleasure to meet him) after 'action' moved 5 cm and there was 'cut':P and then stunt performers walked on these chutes, on ropes of course, but didn't had any mattresses like the hero had (:P).
In any case, we wanted to get the hero. But, somehow, he wasn't there.
He's just a three movies old guy, with 3 Telugu flicks and that's his hindi debut. Sachin Joshi. Nobody suited the description.
Still for ourselves we are standing, in the meantime this friend of mine is writing out my virtues (the psychologist ordered me to create such a list, it's complicated) and probably for you from the team though we are journalists. No way, it's a mistake but - my trousers are paying attention and some a man from the crew, enough noticeable because of the pink files he was carrying., used to gave us strange eye sights.
Such a time is passing, we are moving and how one of series of going down the chute is like  .. some man is asking, whether they are shooting for one of polish soap, titled Majka, (:D) but we  had to told him he's wrong - there are Indians and it's Bollywood. He just asked for some female Indians and as they were hardly any (at all it we don't know, whether this film has any heroine :P), he walked away.
Generally it quite a lot of persons watched the shooting, but bard sporadically.  In the bets moement, the crowds was about 30-40 people.  Only two of us (then three) we held on in spite of chills:) and this way we are standing, thinking and the I saw Rusałka.
And I in between time I realised that in the team there's a Telugu guy whom I know, called Khayyum.  Privately - Ali's bro (popular comic actor, one of my fav), of it low e.g. playing massage therapist in Chirutha or the portrait painter in Super, finally the beggar from Pokiri etc (he's always in movies by Puri Jagan).  His brother is also known, in exchanged Super or in my favourite Bale Babji with Naresh.
It took the moment before I overcame my shyness and I out-talked, with bodyguards fortunately (friends, I mean), and you know what?  This face made my day! Total shock - told I know him, isn't he Khayyum and whether isn't an Ali's bro and he acted in Blade Babji, that I saw three times.
We took a photo of ourselves (sure! it is necessary to be in tough with FB!:P), and we started talking, in English, a bit in telugu - I tried, but it's was cold and I had too many lessons that day and it's wasn't that easy to think that much (generally conversation in Telugu is something I'm able to do). My English and each and every lang I know, take out Polish, is broken when I start to speak.

Generally was talking so much and it was a strange feeling, to talkk with someone who had his jaw dropped all the time and keeped on repeating that he had become my fan :D from the entire, very interesting conversation, my English when I speak is far from good, I learned soooo much. (being based on this cold was profitable, I am telling you! Khayyum alone shook - I felt stupid, to be honest).

Firstly, he promised me that he would say to his childhood friend Allari Naresh that has fans in Poland (because am not the only one, therefore thanks Mariola and Askay, my gurus:)) that struggled through through Gamyam for him (I and Gab.).
I have some contacts, yeah!
What a face he did, when I asked him about Naresh's directorial debut.  From what Khayyum said, for them the director must be experienced, i.e. up to the forty.
He showed off his Polish. Priceless, this accent at saying "woda" or "to jest piękne" :D He's fairly good, as for three days.
And he criticised andhravilas that the writers are messing ours lives. And I was right about Allu Arjun.
He also said a little about his gals, jokingly :)
Very nice man.
And, boo, they aren't shooting for songs in Cracow.
He boasted for me, how many films his brother had made (so much of the fact that no longer I remember), we both appreciate the scene in Billa where Ali's singing Informer, Khayyum alone made - almost 100. the film will knock. And I had sneak peek into his next again with Naresh!
His part is being shot in India, so he went here to see the city and he's getting so bored on sets.
He was surprised, when I told him, how the climate in Poland changed past 5 years. Winter is damn cold and summer is damn hot.
Khayyum is impressed by Cracow, wants to see the city  and he's saying that after this film Indian crews are going to start arriving in Poland, pakka. Poland is way better than Switzerland:) Generally speaking the entire team is enraptured, the city is beautiful, it seems to be made of gold.
He was also surprised why this is the first Indian crew in Cracow.
We spoke also about also about Rajnim, Khayyum thinks that after Endhiran he became the complete Indian Super Star.
We managed to meet upcoming bolly hero :D
Anyways - for him it was a shock, to meet such a nutter as I stammer in three Indian languages, and he doesn't believe that I've never been to in Hyd or India in general. And most probably this everything has a reason :) a Surprise was it e.g. I love Chiru in his old movies etc, many thing actually.
And I am idolising Suhasini and Maniego...  Shock, yeah. Nicely he is to be "amazing", not only because I've saw 600 Indian films or appeared in South Scope (both we aren't very fond of it, but we appreciate the effort).

Feels so good to heard such thing about myself, generally I'm not good with compliments so...  Here I will finish and say it was one of cooler hours of my life. Somebody is my fan! (so the hero wasn't needed).
Hah, I were supposed to skip the shooting.

The vidoes: (pardon my accent and everything):



  1. That is really cool! Thanks for sharing your story!

  2. 8th October you birthday ....

    Belated Birdthday Wishes Louella

  3. Thanks, amaluu darling ^^

    Raj, 18th, not 8th :)

  4. Very nice Louella. I read the blog the other day but now I finally got to see the videos. Thanks for posting.

  5. Just now seen your video and read the matter that you had written.

    Advance Bday wishesh Louella

    this is pokiri_rupesh who is following you on the twitter . Rupesh is my name :)

  6. This is an awesome experience! Thanks for sharing!


Thanks! Can u do this more often?

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