Here it shines in all it's glory - bolly bloggers grace the cover of BLOGUE!

It took me some time to get the idea (Darshit suggested it, though I was unsure the if to try and then, after few weeks, I've decided to try).
I hope it looks good enough to be worth the hype ;)

So... Introducing the very special cover of BLOGUE, featuring the fantastic bloggers that write about Indian cinema!

Who is who?

Enjoy this mini picture/word explenation.

1 - Darshit - Movies Music and Me.....

2 - Nicky - Hmong chick who loves Indian cinema

3 - Myself :) That is Lou-Teresa, the one and only Polish Prodigy.

4 - Nur Khairiyah Bte Ramli - Official Tinsel Gurus.

5 - Honey - The Daily Honey.

6 - Pooja - Pooja's Slate!.

7 - Githa - Words from A Lotus.

8 - Kara - Filmi Girl!.

9 - Sujoy - One Knight Stands.

10 - Prathna - Sakhi Speaks.

11 -  unknown person - symbolise everybody who should/could not/would not be here :)

It was a pure pleasure tomade this, I hope it would encourage some leading magazines to do one or two nice phtoshoots with us. It's unfair that only fashion bloggers do have sophisticated photos in magazines unlike us, covered with boundaries.
[Interesting that I'm the only person that wears something typically Indian (it's one of my sarees and I'm aware it doesn't shows ;)).]

Hope it's rocking :D I used my limited PS skills, one of paper scan textures I've found long ago, pics of this wonderful ppl and lots of imagination - something I'm certainly good in ;)
Everyone who missed it - I'm sure they would regret it, and big hug to every blogger I stalked for past week on twitter :)


  1. Wow! That looks great! And I don't call that LIMITED skills.......(given I'm very bad with computers)

    So bad that I couldn't find any pics in time. Keep up the good work and so glad that I get to read your blog when I don't have time to write anything!!!! An absolute consolation to my terribly busy life when I'm so out-of-touch with anything Indian.........

  2. Love it Lou!!! its amazing, simple & soo PERFECT! thank you darling soo much!!! *BIG HUG*

  3. Luv luv luv!!! Piękna, u rock bangaram!!

  4. Wonderful job!!! Words cannot express the effort you put into it. So...who's heading on the next cover? :D

  5. Great job!! I love it! We are all so fabulous, na!?

  6. PS always makes my eyes tired. Kudos to u for taking such pain. Its Rocking yaar ! :-) someone's looking handsome there, na ? ;)

  7. This looks awesome! I love everythin Indian and Bollywood. I have been reading TinselGurus and Daily Honey every day to get my daily dose! Now, thanks to you and this beautiful collage, I can check out the rest of the lovely blogs.

    Awesome yaar!

    -Kiran- :))

  8. I'm amayed that you ppl like it ^^ *blush*


Thanks! Can u do this more often?

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