Mini set, again and again

I'm sorry, but I'm not able to write at all.

Jhootha hi sahi - Liked it a lot. Adorable! ARR music is not the only pro. And I don't care if Paki looks elder than John, since when the heroine always need to look 15 when the guy can be any age?

Yamaleela & Taqdeerwalla - Another Yama tale and it's hindi remake with Venky. Telugu version is mindblowing while hindi seems to be quite out...budgeted? Though Venky does great job, even with his strange voice.
Ali is a powerhouse, loved his shrewd reactions :) The book thing was wicked!

Dabangg - what a dissapointent. I was like - ugh, it's a super hit? Naah, why it's so bad then? Literally.

Thamizhan - Priyanka's real debut, an WTF Vijay movie. Their duo song is like... Oh, I'm speecheless.

Vaseegara - Nuvvu Naaku Nachhav remake, way worst, even if I prefer Sneha anytime anywhere while Arti=disaster. Vijay just can't carty such a movie on his shoulders in the way Venky does.

Ninne Pedhalatha - oldskul! Tabu was so bindaas, love it + greeku veerudu song.

Chal Mere Bhai - Young Salman? Not for me. I saw it only for Sonali's SA, Sanju was a suprise. Actually, he made me finish it without being much hurt.

Katha Thudarunnu - how good it was! And the ending - so real. Mamta was amazing.


  1. I also watched Dabangg. It's not my cup of tea. I don't think it's too bad. But it certainly doesn't deserve to be a big hit. I still feel so weird about it since it looks so "Southie". Not that I mean South Indian films are not as good (which is impossible to be a statement coming from me!), what actually amazed me is how much the Bollywood audience actually like South Indian style! Wanted was a hit. And now Dabangg.

    Not very impressed by Abhinav Kashyap though.

  2. Dabang is more likely a comedy flick........it didn.t do well in urban areas, but scored well in rural areas,,,because its a mass film with pukka comercial elements.....

  3. For me Dabangg is terrible. If they see SI masala this way - better leave sambar and carry on with ladoo. Yeah, 100% mass but I doubt why then so many of my friends liked it. And Sallu - naah, he's not a guy for me :P

  4. I didn't mean that's how the producers see SI films....... I think it's more like they took advantage of the characteristics of SI films. Sometimes, the Hindi audience have some stereotypical idea about SI films and even when they don't it so well, they'll think that SI films are somehow "inferior" to Hindi films. (that's an impression I have from some friends around me) But actually they're buying many elements with SI characteristics, without being aware of it.

    That's just a "theory" I have after watching Dabangg and Wanted.

  5. Agree on Vaseegara, Thamizhan and Jhootha Hi Sahi. I like Dabanng kani andariki unna pichi naaku ledhu. Yamaleela was so much better than "Lucky Man" w Karthik and Sanghavi. Loved your sambar/laddoo joke. Lol! classic. Ninne Pelladatha is my all time fav Nag-Tabu movie. The rest I haven't seen..

    Intha short reviews ela chesthav bangaram.. I wud never be able to! Talk to much as it is..lol!

  6. Githa, thanks for improving my telugu :D


Thanks! Can u do this more often?

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