Punnet and his mom - Vamsi (2008)

I consider Puneet Rajkumar as heir to his dad's throne, good performer, quite multi-talented. And yes, he's the best dancer in S'town :)

Vamsi is about young man who wants to be a policeman. He's got a loving mom, not-that-inteligent-but-pretty-girlfriend and lots of ambitions to change his mother land.
But he has no idea how the police looks like in real...

It was a nice timepass, nothing much, really.

I enjoyed both Nikita's and Puneet's acts, not to forget Lakshmi, who's amazing as usual. She's such a powerhouse, even after so many years in industry.
Thing I deteste in overall plot is exaggeration of cruelity. Let's remember that the hero wasn't a good guy, maybe in his mom eyes, but he was used to do rather strange things. And he should he some respect for people with higher rank, not matter what.
Music? Ah, this funky dream song. So fun. Others? Forgetable.
So... I saw it only cause I needed something lighter. Worked for me.

Rate - 3+
VM - 50%

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