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Bottle Awards for the second half of 2010!

Third edition of the coolest movie awards in the whole Universe - Bottle Awards! Named after funny scene from Om Shanti Om, they are given by me, Louella. Every movie that I saw has a chance to get one, no matter if it is from 1998, 1954 or 2010.
Lots of catgories, of course some vanished and some are new, compare to prev editions here.
I'm afaraid that there's none who saw all those mentioned movies in the same time as I did so don't worry if you think I gave some cat a pleasure to rum trough my keybord, skip it and enjoy what you know. What may interest you - search in the box on right or simply ask me or tweet :)

These are given for movies I saw since June 1st till December 29th, that makes more than 280 movies. Ipessive, na? ;) Three centuries in that time.

truly subjective


Stay away from Tees Maar Khan (2010)...

...if you want some thinking. Otherwise, you give it a try, but remember to switch off you brain as I did. That made me enjoy most of the plot, even when I'm allergic to Kat.

And it was funny when I saw Arya Babbar on screen. There's a funny story about him, want to hear?


Suprisingly good! - Benny and Babloo (2010)

It's about two mates that lost their jobs and find jobs in rather odd places - Benny works as bellboy in five star hotel and Babloo is a waiter in ladies bar.
It turns out that the place which seemed safer, better and fair is not what it seemed and even girls that simply has to work in ladies bars are humans too and there's no other choice for them.
But one day the interest of bar and hotel meets and troubles arrives.

I felt like it will be another stupid comedy without much sense. Actually, it's more masala than you think. Greed, love, crime, humanity etc mix up and gives us one, nice movie about, simply, people. What they seem to be adn what they aren't.


Hard knock life - Sontha Vooru (2009)

Really good. Very... Tamil (?) I would say, yet it has a nice Telugu touch, that makes you stick to the reality :)


My first Bhojpuri movie, I'm afraid there's something wrong with me - Kanyadaan

It was fun for me to watch this one. Even if this one is a total family drama, all those twists and turns, they tried everything and there's every possible issue (xD), made me laugh, not cry.

If new we couple want to settle down, her family turns awful, he lefts her to became a tough guy, that is policeman... I'm speechless about the plot xD


Snake the remake - Nagavalli (2010)

Ah, I hate remakes! So much that I even wrote a guide for filmmakers that advise them not to do so ;P
And I wrote much abt the original version here so this one won't be long.


Mini stuff

Mynaa - so sad! Yet very interesting. Liked it so much, it's very gripping and makes youy think, in a good way. Total recommendation.
Altough I don't agree with the revenge plot. Simply for me this isn't a solutionfor certain issues.

Punyam Aham - very artistic.

Ullasa Utsaha - not bad remake, I enjoyed Ganesh in this, Yami has a face that reminds me Sonali in few angles.

Golmaal 3 - sorry to say this, but it was rather awfuly oring for me, way worst than previous Golmaals.

Aithe - deep.

Thoovanathumbikal - TOO GOOD!

Pappi Appacha - OK comedy.

Baabul - boring.


For the ones that ask

An complete list of everything Indian I saw so far. Enjoy!

You can download it HERE, press the green button 'Pobierz plik'. The rar is with a bonus.

Here's one with links to reviews, but it was updated the last time when I finished my 600th movie, so. I promise an update soon!
Both won't be that complete on Monday, as I plan to watch at leats 5 new flicks :P


Chandramukhi strikes again! - Aptharakshaka (2010)

Why? Vishnuvardhan! Sadly it's both his 200th and last movie. And the telugu remake of it, that is scheduled to release this Friday, starring Venkatesh and some of my favorite girls.

In a house where a join family with few daughters lives, strange things starts to happen. So they call a priest. And he knows that there's only one guy to help them!

It was so Arundhati at times, ending and the partly leading lady character.
Anyways, I enjoyed it a lot. I don't consider this one or Chandramukhi scary, rather interesting.
Mantra or Anasuya are scary, not this one (but still much more than Chandramukhi!).

Terrorists, circumstances - Anwar (2010)

I was waiting for this movie, lots of hype. I liked a lot previous flicks from Neerad, this one was good as well. Different, but still not bad.

 - interesting ensemble cast, Prakash Raj, Lal, Nitya and others - works for me, hero has great backing and the story is not being focused on the lead actor but everyone has their moments.
 - Prithviraj. What a performance!
 - Mamta Mohandas, both acting and singing. I totally admire her, she won a battle against cancer, and she decided to go on with Anwar. She wore wigs all the time. Yeah, she hasn't got much to do, really, but anyways.
 - Narration, gripping one but not without drawbacks.
 - Clear ending.
 - Music, Gopi made one of his best albums. Something modern, something motivating, something sad, something muslim. My fave is defenitely Njan! I was waiting for that track ever since I heard that the lead will sing in one pop song.
 - Late flashback and two songs in a relatively short span of time. I think that something more interesting that this usual 'hero-past-sequence-or-what-made-him-do-that' that I am bored of, it's so common in t' or kollywood.
 - Dull moments, so many of them in
 - Over-the-top fights, they could be more real.
 - Pathetic - so the movie is, nearly to make me temorary ill.

Mani Ratnam rocks.

This is how I feel after watching two of his movies in a row - Mouna Raagam and Anjali.
Masterpieces, that's all I want to say.

Rate (for both) - 5
VM - 100%

Fresh air - Band Baaja Baaraat (2010)

So many did recommended me this one, I had no way but watch it. And?
Whoo, really good one. YRF is getting back th BaB spirit? Maybe.

No need of plot, I'm going straight to the point.

Anushka is one of the models that actually can act. And so the newcomer does. Whe I saw the first scenes of BBB, I thought - what? did they took some kannada actor to act for them? Nah, he's good - that was my last impression.

Script and direction - winners. The movies is cliched at moments, but it's not trying to be, you know, like Aisha or other semi-western-muhahaha-modern-romcoms that usually has nothing much to offer than nice cast and some good songs.
This one maybe hasn't got a great music but who cares if everything else is so good?


Intermission junkie - door

Youngsters and city dishoom - Geleya (2007)

I loathe Birugaali, choreographer Harsha next, but hid debut is better. At least - not that mixed up.

Two village guys need to leave their safe homes, love issues, and goes to the city to find a shelter. It's hard so they end up as criminals and their letter burdens forms the rest of the story.

What a terrible remake - Tagore (2003)

This movie is a perfect example of 'how NOT to remake movies'. VV Vinayak should read this...
I consider Ramana, tamil original, Murugadoss's best so far, as it's pure social issues-realted stuff, other plots do not takes that much time.

It's different here.


Une admiration beate

One of the funniest songs ever shot!

Mini reviews again

Hum Saath-Saath Hain - family drama, for Sonali. Liked it, though second half is a drag.

Samanyudu - Jagapathi in good youth-politics thing, only his love plot with Kamna was bit... eww? Especially the beach song, a 'Right here right now' rip off even with Sunidhi singing in Telugu. Mumaith has here one of her best item numbers ^^ And Archana gave her best.

Kutti Pisasae - WTF? Kid with enormous powers? Bit fun, though, loved Ramya Krishna.

Kutty - Arya in Tamil, both the versions aren't for me. But Shriya was nice and Samir/Chyan's dubbing was awful.

1977 - oh, no.

Athey Neram Athey Idam - supposed to be an deep psycho stuff, result? Semi romance with disturbing ending. Does Jai really have such poor taste in scripts?

Manja Velu - Lakshyam once again, prefer telugu. Why? Better heroine, that's one. And somehow the genius of original was lost in translation.

Naan Avan Illai - people are right - this one is one of the worst ever made.

Unnai pol oruvan - defenitely too much, not bad remake but somehow I think I need to try to avoid Kamal.

Sakudumbam Shyamala - funny! Loved Urvasi, she was fab. Plot is very nice, like the change in main character.


One of the best movies I ever seen - Krishnan Love Story (2010)

Oh, so many people recommended me this one!
And how better that Moggina Manasu it was.

So... Wise men say that good movie cannot be told, so i'll move directly to how the movie was :)

Damn, this one is though!

Lovely - Chikku Bukku (2010)

Despite the movie id deeply inspired by LAK and JWM, I find it really nice and it wasn't a waste of time to watch it :)

Careless DJ (Arya) and rather modern girl (Shriya) are caught in the same plane, train and even direction. So they travel together, while the other side of narratons goes back few years and tells what has happend then.


My 700th Indian movie! - Shravana Banthu (1984)

This time it's kannada one :) Reminds me that I need to update this list, because the last time I've done it was like three months ago, that is my 600th Indian movie.
Previous centuries celebreated here - 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th. More to come ;)

I need to thank naya_tweety and cantorindex for being my awesome helpers in exploring kannada movies :)

I've seen only one movie with Dr.Rajkumar before, it was Rekha's debut where I coulnd't apparently find her, but that's another story :P
He was nice there, charming in different kind. Defenitely made an lasting impression.
So once I grabbed Shravana Banthu, I couldn't wait to watch it, once I also found out it has my favorite Urvasi ^^

Fly away with Bips - Pankh (2010)

I saw it mostly because I was just curious. Bips, a girl who's love by many of my friends, including the marvelous Nicky.

I was interesting. And honestly, only if it was release somewhere in Europe, it would gain lots of interest, cause it's not bad, just somwhat too overdone, as possibly the director wanted the movie to deal with too many things.
There's a gender problem, mother problem, father problem, movie industry problem, son problem, love problem, mental problem, belief problem... Too much of problems in just one movie. Confusing, na?

The only thing I liked 100%, I would say even 200%, is Bipasha's character. Mysterious alter ego, how brilliantly acted (and dressed ;)).
Have a little picspam!


Liked it a lot! - Thenmavin Kombath (1992)

I needed to watch it twice to get it well :)
Shobhana and Mohanlal share this awesome chemistry, I want to watch more movies with them! Any reccommendations?

I like the plot, it was gripping. And with some interesting twists, the basic love story was everything but cliched!

Cinematography was awesome. I loved so many shoots, mindblowing.

Music? Hummable.

Bhoomika's show all the way - Missamma (2003)

I loved this movie for this strong, title character. Bhoomika made the movie.
Of course, apart of her Nandi awarded-performance there's good story and others great job, but  this "new" Missamma will remain for me as her movie.
There aren't really much actresses in Tollywood right now that would create such a character with ease, really.
And acting in such flick is a risk too, for actor.
Kudos to Neelakanta. And Sivaji. And Bhoomika. And Vandemataram Srinivas. And Vasundhara Das.

Barbie doll and semi-(Simbu)Karthik - Kanimozhi (2010)

So... average!

There's a guy who writes a diary. Then he sees a girl. And then he falls in love (or maybe it was kadhal at first sight? eh.)
Anyways, now he's dreaming and trying to woo her, with a pressure on the first thing.

I don't know who cated this girl. I decided not to use her name until she would be able to act, so she's anonymus also ithe review of Orange.
Jai was adorable but I don't think I would like such a guy. Too much of maya.
Swati was superb!

Chiranjeevi fights with his dad, Gemini Ganesan - Rudraveena (1988)

This is w-o-n-d-e-r-f-u-l. AMAZING. Loved every scene, every song, every character.

Chiru suprised me (thought he's not able to do so anymore but... suprise!), with a wise performance and wise move, to avoid "commercial" elements in this one. And he proved to be as good as not many in the industry.
Shobhana? Where are the girls that were/are both adorable and talented? Naah, you won't find them until you discover her.
Gemini Ganesan... He aged badly. And yes, his acing is as good as it should be :)

Story has it's moments.

And the music...
Tarali raada is defenitely wonderful. But it's Cheppalani Vundi that is the most mindblowing among perfect score from Ilayaraja:

It's a must-see, totally.

Feast for eyes, what for brain? - Guzaarish (2010)

Boring, but visually lush.
Why have I seen it? I don't know. Maybe the hype worked.

It's a pure visual pleasure.
Switch off your brain and enjoy the visuals because there's nothing else you can do.

Give me a Break ke Baad (2010)

I don't like 70% (80% maybe) of romcoms because they seems so shallow for me. Not only Indian, also US ones and Polish too, they are cute at best.
Thank God that this one wasn't that bad, at least better than IHLS.

When you know someone for a long, long time, it's simple you can't like without him/her. But sometimes a break is needed.


Aa koncham lone yentho nachhave - Orange (2010)

Bhaskar directed his third movie with RCT in lead. It's his third flick too. As Catholic, I consider Three as God's own number that is perfect so anything that has/is three is ideal.
Is Orange so?

I saw it... For Gen? Thanks to Pooja or Hemanth? Telidu. Sonia mostly.
I wanted it to be bad or/and flop. Why? Because 3 hits in a row - it's not good for a guy who just debuted. Same for Karthi. I wish his remake would not fare well. It really cleas your mind up. And another bad movie this year? Doesn't change much, there was Maro Charitra and there was even amazing Vedam so.

I know. My bro's director. I know much more about movie industry than you expect.

We have our angry hero destroying his very own graffiti. Ye?
That's the answer asked by police officer and this angry young man starts to tell his story. A story of all girls he loved.

The very first thing I liked is this mindblowing, huge cast.

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