My first Bhojpuri movie, I'm afraid there's something wrong with me - Kanyadaan

It was fun for me to watch this one. Even if this one is a total family drama, all those twists and turns, they tried everything and there's every possible issue (xD), made me laugh, not cry.

If new we couple want to settle down, her family turns awful, he lefts her to became a tough guy, that is policeman... I'm speechless about the plot xD

It seems that the scriptwriter was in deep depression, he made characters weep in every sequence, pushing only rocks on their way. And I had no idea what this movie is about, cause this lots of strange happenings made it unreal and hillarious.

Ravi Kishen as actor was rather an comedian. Even when he had gone an police training, he was kind of a soft guy. Who called him an actor? He's more a star, like Chiru or Rajini after being on top for long - there's more of STARring than real acting.

So... I need something better!

Rate - LOLz! 1
VM - 25%

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