Snake the remake - Nagavalli (2010)

Ah, I hate remakes! So much that I even wrote a guide for filmmakers that advise them not to do so ;P
And I wrote much abt the original version here so this one won't be long.

Venkatesh - you can call this movie his victory. Because he plays a triple (yeah, I think so) role, everything comes to him with such a ease.
He made the bad, cruel and mean raja turn hillarious, and become loveable. Dunno if Vishnuvardhan, may he reat in peace, had done such thing.
Anushka became type casted after Arundhati - here she has similar role but, I'm sorry to say that, she failed to leave lasting impression. She defenitely can't dance! Aren't there other girls?
I've never heard such a joke like Richa dubbing her own voice. I'm like 99,9% sure that it was Sunitha. She was defenitely less impressive than Sandhya was.
Sradha was bad. So bad that totally overacted. No need of that, really!
Kamalini - shame that she has that little time.
I missed Vineeth, this blank bloke was way worst...
Brahmi was OK.

Overally, I had fun, even if I knew the whole story and every riddle wasn't unclear. But I think that there was a lack of explenation with Venky's first character, the reason why Rajni couldn't make it was rather funny.
I felt this movie was like Chandramukhi + Arundhati * Sankranthi, a bit.

Music? Love it. Visuals mostly fails but... I don't care. The worst one is Venky's intro, that is terribly done, awful!

Must-see for Venky fans and OK remake.

Rate - same as for original
VM - 75%

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