Venkat Prabhu and you don't have to know more! - Chennai 600028 (2007) and Goa (2010)

I've seen before his Saroja, which I didn't liked at all. But this movies were, luckily, much better :)

I think I won't write too much, just a couple of words about each one :)
Chennai 600028 is about cricket and Goa? About Goa. OK, not at all :P
Anyway, both of the movies were highly entertaining, Goa is somewhat like American Pie with chicken madras instead of cake.

CHENNAI 600028
Cast was great, indeed. Girls were casted very nice and Sampath^^
Plot was amazing, I think I got to learn how to play cricket soon x.x
I adore th Jalsa song but I find most of the tracks good too :)
Sum up? High recommendation!

All the guys from the main 3 were really good! Poor Vraibhav teased by Sneha with changed image, but I did liked his shaved face ;) Girls were ok. Whoah, I adore Sampath!! And here he is fab fab fab, with that changed voice and everything, highly influenced by Dostana, I think, and I could't belive that is him when I've seen him for the 1st time xD And the cameos! Simbu? God, that was crazy, Nayan was just OK. Prasanna? Simple to forget.
Plot is sooo... entertaining! And all the jokes, like guys dancing (almost) naked for Ava enna xD And Phir Bhi Dil Hai Hindustani and some English songs on background :P
What about the music? Idai vazhi is my fave since I knew it's a Mamta's song but I also like the title song.
Sum up? High recommendation!

Rate for both - 5-
VM - 75%

When a wanna-be actor steps in some mess - Vaamanan (2009)

I watched it only because of Aedho Seigirai and Priya Anand - I wanted to know sth about her skills, she's now a hot name in Tollywood, she's in Leader and soon her Rama Rama Krishna Krishna with Ram and Bindhu will be released :) Actually, when I see Leader trailer, I'm confused which lady is her and which is Richa - they're so similar!

(As I haven't got any subs, I'm not so sure if get the the plot right.)
(Jai) wants to be an actor. With his friend he tries his luck but never suceed. Then he meets a girl (Priya Anand), in which he falls in love.
Also he meets a man (Rahman), which isn't an angel.

Well, it was just avarage movie.
Jai was good, Priya's character was typical. Lakshmi Rai hasn't anything to show
than bikini. Rahman was good. Mate, I can't remember his name!, was quite funny.
Plot, I've heard it was copied from some Hollywood flick but I don't care, was confused, but not that bad.
Music? For songs like Aedho Seigirai life is worth to live!
Anyway, it's npt a waste to watch it but not big profit either. And I spotted Jai watching Ghilli xD

Rate - 3
VM - 50%

Not so puppy love - Prema (1989)

I prefer watching young Venky instead of him after 35 years because I'm not feeling guilty then that he's in age of my dad :P

Less of talking, much more of looking at the capses:
And the girl is looking just like Scarlett Johansson!
I liked the movie, altough it was sad, especially in the climax... I hate movies, where they (spoiler)kills the heroine(end of spoiler)! It started with Vaaranam Aayiram after which I had two weeks long depression and I'm still sick after seeing sth like that on screen.

Rate - 4
VM - 75%


Une admiration beate

Samanyudu - Ye Mere Dilke

Composer - Vandemataram Srinivas

Cast - Mumaith Khan and Jagapathi Babu

a) Dhoom theme at beginning :P
b) Mumaith! Maybe she's vulgar or whatever but I adore her in the same way I do like Lady gaga for example
c) Jagapthi^^ (Oh, it remined me to get Maa Naana Chiranjeevi)

Intermission junkie - dirty

My 1st ecounter with Bala - Pithamagan (2003)

I was wondering about title 'One man show' for this review but it's not like that so I decided to create sth new.

An orphan (Vikram) lives in a cementary. He meets a woman (Sangeetha). Later he bailed in jail where he meets Shakti (Surya). When they are free, Shakti starts changing beast into a man. Will he suceed?

It was a good movie. But from this kind 'I admire but won't rewatch'.
Vikram? What can I say. He was just perfect. And Surya also weren't worst :) Sangeetha impressed me, I only knewed her from Khadgam. Laila? Well, I don't like her even in a 1%. I enjoyed Simran's SA!
I hate (spoilers)sad (end of spoilers) endings. I know it's stupid but that's the truth. Here everything has it's purpose so it wasn't that tough like middle of Sarvam / Vaaranam Aayiram or ending of Kaaaka Kaaka.
Music? I didn't noticed nothing catchy or brilliant.
Sum up - must-see.

Rate - 5-
VM - 75%


A guy who always want to choose - Theeratha Vilaiyattu Pillai (2010)

Before release of this movie there was many doubts if it's 'inspired' by Bachna ae Haseena or Chukkalo chandrudu but I can say that the much more thigs are different than similar.
Anyway, it's a nice movie, a shade of hope in latest Vishal floppy time :)

Karthik (Vishal) always want to get the best. It's strange habit, especially when he calls plenty ambulances for his sick mom to be sure if she is going with the best service.
When his parents are talking about marriage, he, this time by chance, meets three beautiful girls (Sarah Jane, Neetu Chandra, Tanushree Dutta). One has heart of gold, second is a independent woman and the last is a traditional tamil girl with guts. Which he will choose? What will happend when one girl get to know that she's aren't the one at all?

Fine watch. I like such romantic comedies with a dose of action, especially with a handsome hero ;)
What I liked in Vishal was the fact that he was 100% natural, he wasn't too styled. I liked the fact that he 'broke' his action hero image! OK, he had here 2 or 3 such scenes but in 2:20h movie if could be much more of them, right? I like when he's doing comedy and I'm glad that he's doing the next Bala movie, which is said to be jolly.
Girls? Suprised to see Tanushree as such girl :P And villainous Neetu! Sarah was fine. I think the casting was good, I can't imagine Trisha or Shriya in any of this roles. Mates were funny :) And Sneha's cameo! Short but sweet. I wanted to kill Prakash (as usual when his is playing a bad guy :P)! And there was also one other cameo, good too, with Mallika Kapoor. Pity that rumours about Reema Sen here were false.
Plot wasn't too ambitious or demanding. I liked it althoug is was worried about the similarities with Bachna ae Haseena and Chukkalo chandrudu but later I was conviced about freshness of script :)
Music? I adore it! As I'm not loving Yuvan at all, this OST, epecially the title song which has a nice picturarisation on screen, was awesome.
I'm a bit worried about TVP boxoffice - the release was on the same day as Asal. It turned to be another hero-centered movie, but Ajith is there. I know I'm a bad girl, but I hope that it will do worse than TVP:P Vishal needs a breath, Ajith has his niche in industry. (Please, all Ajith diehard fans, no hard feelings!!)

Rate - 4
VM - 75%

Another not funny Allari Naresh comedy - Bendu Apparao RMP (2009)

It seems that only Blade Babji was equal to my sense of humour. OK, maybe that's isn't good point but what is visible, when I compare verything I've seen with him with BB, those flicks are just too sentimental. BB is a comdey from 1st till last minute of it, director was sure what he's doing and he didn't even tought about some drama.

This movie is about a doctor and eveerything that happens because of it.

I can't complain for Naresh, he was good as usual. But the ladies weren't that fine. Rest of cast was OK, I haven't noticed anything special.
Plot? I didn't liked the fact, that it was soo pathetic in particular moments. Blade Babji was good because it was funny in 100% and nothing oder alike was there.
Music? God, one song with very ambitious lyrics 'it rocks' or sth had veeery annoying beat, so ninety. Rest was equal.
The movie is a comedy? Well, only in 50%, maybe 60%. Rest is more serious and this makes this movie not that good as I expected.

Same as in Oy!:

Rate - 3-
VM - 50%

Five brothers and Simran as a villain - Ayntham padai (2009)

I watched it only for Simran^^

Five brothers are staying in perfect harmony. They are foes with some other local goons. Recently, Bharathanatyam dancer (Simran) came to town. On her performance, one of bros tease her. Big conflict begins...

Usual masala entertainer for TN masses.
Simran was good, the bros? God, Sundar C wasn't actracttive, kind of annoying. I liked Vivek :) The actress who played the mantal woman, I use to ignore her when she's on screen, was OK. And why Sampath had such a small role? I adore his voice!
The plot is kind of straightforward one, one half and second equal. Some family drama, village violence.
Music? Only 1st song was a humming one, rest - crap, I think. And they could dress Simran better in her beach song, she looked much oldeer than she really is.
Well, it's not a must see, just a typical OK movie. I nor don't recommend nor recommend. I survived without any injuries so it wasn't bad.

I've spied many posters etc.!:
Dhool, Dasavataram:

Santosh Subramainiam, Pokkiri:

Rajini and MGR:

Namitha in some newspaper:

Rate - 3
VM - 100%

Carefree Manoj! - Bindaas (2010)

Argh, this movie is a lot like Sreenu Vaitla flicks, which is not bad fo course, but also means that the plot... Is there any plot? :P OK, I'm kidding, but it's a confused synopsis, not that easy to write so let's skip it.

It's a one man show! I've read it in some reviews and I agree. With any other actor, less talented or just bad casted, it would be a waste, but now it's a worth to watch. I liked Manoj in Prayanam, where I noticed his cuuuute dimples and now, after Bindaas, I want more!!
The gilr, God, I can't remeber her ner x.x She was in Teree Saang also, she looks like a child, really. I Poland everybody would think that she's is primary school. She was OK, just like Master Bharat, which part was now bigger then ever (good, I need a break from Brahmi!). Famile, the guru/preist etc. - fine as usual, typical background.
The plot was, as I said before, confused. Really. But I liked it! Romance was a bit typical but this lovely twist on the end will repay it ;) And they have copied a joke from Dude, where's my car, remeber the tatoos 'sweet-dude'? xD
Music? I like the Spirit of Bindaas and the second title song, Girja is adorable and Jum Garagara is fun because of cowboys and bambi!
To sum up, I would say that if you don't like Manoj or Sreenu Vritla style of movies, you can skip this movie.

Rate - 3 (+ for Manoj acting!)
VM - 75%


Une admiration beate

Azhagiya Tamil Magan - Nee Marilyn Monroe

Composer - AR Rahman

Cast - Vijay and Namitha

a) the lyrics! dekho:
Hey baby, you are my album...
Hey baby, I'm you DJ...
I play music once, twice and many more times...

Are you clone of Marilyn Monroe?
Or a scanning of Jennifer Lopez?
Will you be my girlfriend for a day?

You're a genius in rock & roll...
One amongst billions...
Will you come to the Saturday night party?

Are you clone of Marilyn Monroe?
Or a scanning of Jennifer Lopez?
Will you be my girlfriend for a day?
and that's only the 1st part :P

b) choregraphy. Simple and easy to dance at home ;)
c) Namitha! Well, her role in telugu Billa was a demanding one but I started to like her :) I think I'll try Gemini or whatever her movie with Venkatesh is called
d) Vijay looking hot;)
e) awesome melody from Madras Mozart!
f) Denny Dayal^^
...what else?

Vishal the cop - Satyam aka Salute (2008)

Not good, not bad movie. Average.
I'm not writing much this time, be prepared to read more in the TVP review ;)

Vishal was fine, I think he got the same problem as Prabhas - he can't choose a good script while even in crap he is able to create a fab character.
Nayantra? I liked her look :) One of those movies where you are able to look at her, see kolly Ghajini to get what I'm talking about.
Wasn't Upendra here? O.o

Overall, the movie is watchable but it still belong to the same place as Thoranai - do-not-watch-if-you-are-not-a-fan.
Music? Ennabe is love! Unfortunately, I've seen the telugu dubbed version, Salute, where this songs haven't sounded good. But it was nominated to Filmfare :P

Rate - 3-
VNM - 50%

Sometimes Nag veri gut - Kedi (2010)

I was kind of dissapointed, when I've read all those reviews, in 100% of them thay said that the movie isn't good. But (as usual :P) I think the opposite. Chaala manchi movie, I say!

Ramesh (Nagarjuna), fondly called Rummy, is catched by police. And he starts to telling his live to a police officer...

Rummy was a fun character but not that easy to play. Somehow, Nag managed to create on screen a person, which is true. I liked Mamta's character! Sth new in industry, where all actress are playing only moms/grandmoms/aunties or innocent pelli ledhu maidens in langa voni.I think that among all active young actresses, Mamta is the one which looks with Nag the best on screen and she also shares the best chemistry, Who cares that she is two times younger? :P And the villains, the Slumdog/Striker Benicio Del Toro/Dexter mix and Kelly Dorji. Is the mate of Rummy played by the same guy which was in 99, the VJ? Kiddos were fine :)
God, I knew that there will be one item number, to the Muddante remix tune [I've wrote a special post about it, chack it if you are curious.], with some fresh face as item girl, I've seen her also on stills from Kalavar King, I think there wrote there that her name is Anita, but some other Anitha is a newcomer in Maro Charitra. I can't remeber name of this dancer anyway but she wasn't bad. But the second, which in movie actually comes first, was a total baffled! I've read in some reviews that this actress will be there, but after 1. quick watch, when I was checking if everything is all right with the print, I haven't noticed her and tought that it was a bullshit and they just mistaken her with the Muddante girl. But yesterday, when I've seen the whole movie without much rewinding, I've was amazed! She looked just like she does in my fav Prabhas song! A 100% heart attack, no promos, no stills, no news! How come?
And who's that girl? Hehe, I won't tell you! Of course, you can check/guess it, but it's better to be taken by suprise, raa ;)
The plot? Some parts, luckily not that much, are copied from Oye Lucky Lucky Oye. And narraton is like in Slumdog. The directon is a debutant, I think that even if the movie won't be a blockbuster, it can't be labeled as a flop movie, just like Nenithe because it's not a bad movie, I rather will name it innovative. AP audience is still in Indra times? It'a not another King! And that's, for me, because the industry can't filled only by entertainers, such risk taken by making movies like this.
The music is for me the telugu soundtrack of Jan, while tamil is Vinnaithaandi Varuvaayaa and hindi - My name is Khan, no idea about malayalam and kannada, I'm not that fluent in newest OTS from those woods. (Jan from the month of it's release). It's hard to belive that Sandeep Chowta has composed it! I knew this guy from not so good OST for Super, Bujjigadu or Saleem. I think that's the best music he ever done! But what a pity - Mamta hasn't any song, I adore her voice. My fav tracks are... All? Really. The second version of Kedigaru, with orchestra, scares me, I'm not kidding! But Sunidhi is awesome there, her voice perfectly matches the beat and the tempo. Have I ever said that I adore her when she sings in other langs than hindi? Relarey is sth new from Sonu Kakkar, known for strange, high, voice (like my physics proffesor xD), it appears two times and each one matches the situation with beautiful melody. Muddante remix is OK, I like it but I'm still wondering how it could soung with Mamta instead of Geetha Maduri? Geetha for me sounds like some freaky mix of Sunidhi and Sadhna Sargam :P In movie the added some Santana styled guitars, it sound not bad, not either fab. Enduko Entaki is slow, kind of sad one. Janiya jane is perfect for that scene(s) (poor Kelly Dorji!) and Short and sweet leaved me in 'I want more!!!' feeling. Neelo Emunnadi is bouncy. Neeve na had a beautiful picturarisation!
Also the choreography was good :)
Sum up? Naaku teliyaledu yenduku I always like movies which are always labeled as a crap. I'll for sure rewatch it! Not one, maany times, just because I like the story, music and characters :) Dil se recommendation.

Rate - 5-
VM - 75%

This review tured out to be long one, not like Ek Niranjan one but still very rare here :)

And sorry for all that telugu words here, I'm getting some telugu-sick from seeing that much movies without subs :D

all caps are from trailer


Australia, teasing and sicles - Shankam (2009)

I think I watched it just because I'm adiccted to newest telugu dvd releases :P I have no hard feeling for Gopi, I nor like him nor hate him.

Chandu (Gopichand) lives in Austrialia with a friend and uncle. They wants to marry him but he's more focused to use all that martial arts he has learnt.
Mahalakshmi (Trisha) is a very warlike girl.
He meets her by chance and fall in love but... she hates him. How it will end up?
And what's the Chandu relation with Sivaiah?

It's a OK entertainer, just like Souryam, previous Siva-Gopi combination. Action, romance, village war, father-son mistery... Everything which makes super-duper masala entertainer is here. But why it was average in box office (in best, in some areas, apart of good opening, it sanked)? Ask the AP audience, for me it's equal to Souryam, just another typical Gopichand flick.
God, I could write a book about movie which weren't hits althougthey deserved it and some crap instead made money. But later, now let's get back to Shankam.
Gopi was fine, nice mix of comedy and action, as usual, with some drama in particular moments. Trisha? God, the person which invent a character like this should.. I don't know, hang on the tree? Mahalakshmi as person was horrible but anyway it's a nice change: usually heroines in AP after saying 'I love you' forget they are to talk and became the ideal would-be/wife. Her role was reduced to thing like this:

Dad, villains, uncle - typical background, Ali has hilarious xD Now when I hear Saif Ali Khan, even in some serious matter, I can't stop laughing.
I think the plot was usual. 1st half with love, 2nd filled with war. I liked all filmi jokes like singing 'Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna', 'Yeh Dosti', 'Tujse dekha', 'Sneham meri jeevitham' or using 'Hrudhayam ekkadunadi' (telugu version of 'Sutrum Vizhi' from tamilGhajini)... Comedy is decent, not that usual :)
Well, music is made by Thaman, he also scored for example Kick, Jayeebhava and Anjaneyulu. After that albums and some others, it's easy to recognize his style. And the Dhak dhak song is a rip-off from Soniye Ve! Shame, puppy shame. If wasn't - I could like this track. But my fav is the one with father-son, Ollamo is not bad too.
If you like Gopi, you can watch it.

Look, I spied Da Vinci painting which stays in my city: !

Rate - 3
VM - 75%

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