Bottle Awards for the first half of 2010!

I hope you remeber them :)

I gived them once, at the end of 2009. I think none can always be gratified with all those Filmfare, State, Screen, Sitara, Vijay, Apsara, National Awards etc etc, which aren't that fair and just. My way was to give my own Awards. I named them after one particular scene from Om Shanti Om, guess which :)
I planned to give them also in January, like last year, but then I realised that I can aging forgot about maaaany flicks so this time shorter period means better winners.
Anyway, I'm giving them for all the movies I've seen since I've gave them for the first time (2nd Jan 2009) till I've finished giving them for the second time (1st June 2010). I think I saw about 150 movies since then, maybe the number is close to 200, I don't know.
I've removed few categories, modifided few and also I concocted some new ones. Those pick are 100% mine (or sometimes bit influenced by ppl I discuss with). You can argue but mind that this list is truly subjective, nobody in this world is objective.
(It's for fun, remeber this.)

Take a look!


Une admiration beate

Jayam Manadera - Meriseti Jaabili

Composer - Vndemataram Srinivas

Cast - Venkatesh&Soudharya

a) Venky!
b) Swiss.
c) I love the way it begins.
d) ...and the "head" dance too^^
e) Soundharya - I've seen only one movie with her but I already miss her.
f) colors! colors!


Karthi week - Paiya (2010), Aayirathil Oruvan (2010) and Paruthi Veeran (2007)

Paiya is a road movie, while Aayirathil Oruvan lies somewhere around adventure (masala) and Paruthi Veeran is about love in a village.
I didn't liked both much, maybe couple of moments, but the last one was was brilliant.

Another amazing thriller with a lady in lead role - Anasuya (2007)

Yay, I knew that it was hit in box office but I didn't expect this movie to be so good!

Anasuya (Bhoomika Chawla) is a young woman. She's a upcoming journalist, very clever and shrewd.
In the city a serial killer is active. He leaves a rose with each body and cuts a part of it.
Who's that? Why is he doing it? Will Anasuya find him?

Aah, superb! I think I'll someday get all heroinocentric oldies and watch them. It's funny that telugu industry which is known for specific movies with a immortal hero, where the girl is only an item to get, is able to made movies like this, with the girl in centre stage.

It could be better - Badmash Company (2010)

Man, I was expecting something that good as 99, what I get was way worst.

Few guys, girl wants to make it big. What? Their lives. I mean - earn a lot of money.

Shahid looks so damn good in short hair! Is acting is OK, while Anushka was a bit irritating. Both of remaining guys were nice. Anupham was as usual good.

Cowboys of the year! - Irumbu Kottai Muratu Singam (2010)

I missed this kind of entertaiment, Lawerence rocks.

A thief is rescued from final sentence. Why? Because he's a lookalike of famous&dangerous Singam!

Lawerence was good, I was dissapointed that I haven't seen much of his fabulous dance moves, that was one of things I was eagearly waiting for.


Rama or Krishna? - Rama Rama Krishna Krishna (2010)

This time I couldn't wait for seeing new movie with Ram :D

We have a guy (Arjun), killing another guy. Why?
The wife of the killed is murdered. Why?
Then we meet a guy named Rama Krishna (Ram) who's...

Ram was as usual superb, I think in future we'll fly high! He speaks here with the specific Godavari accent, that's another plus point :)


Don't push me 'cause I'm close to the edge - Sura (2010)

Why have I watched it? Because Vijay movies (recent ones) aren't ambitious, rather a masala entertainers which are easier to foreget than latest physics lesson.
I'm just threating them like a comedies, I know that directors treat super-duper fights seriously, as a crux points in the story but I'm not. Vettaikaran was too much :D

We got a guy who lives in a sea village. Then he rescue a girl, and so he meets a villain.

WTF or Kites (2010)

Eeee?? What is was?
All I get was Hrithik roaming around with beard in something like Need for Speed.

Oh, also there was flashback, right?

Hm.. Darshit was right, it was a typical bolly flick :)

I just pity that guy like Anurag Basu made such a crap, I liked LIAM a lot, but this ain't that good.


Two guys, a woman and a puzzle - Ishqiya (2010)

My first 2010 hindi movie this year, watched so long ago but I still was frequently forgetting to write a review. Sorry, this movie was nice, and I'm fixing it!

Two guys (Nasseerudin Shah and Arshar Warsi) are rowdies. They ain't honest. One day they have to visit some "mate". Well, he's... Out of this world. His wife's alive...

Few tamil movies I've seen this month - Naan Kadhavul, Modhi Vilayadu, Minsara Kanavu...

Mini reviews, you know I'm a lazy girl :)
Minsara Kanavu,  Modhi Vilayadu, Pattiyal, Naan Kadhavul, Sandakozhi, Citizen, 7G Rainbow Colony


One of the most drowsy movies I've ever seen - Varudu (2010)

I think I saw it only because so many people I know and also few critics I respect said that the movie isn't great. Well, I agree.

I remember watching Arjun in cinema, it was a great movie. I like it ever since, then I saw remaining two Gunashekhar flicks with Prince - Okkadu and Sainikudu, which wasn't so good at all.
I was just curious for Varudu, I don't think Allu Arjun is able to carry roles bigger than he does in Desamuduru. Also Arya's tolly debut was a think which made me watch it :)

Une admiration beate

Goa - Vaalibaa Vaa Vaa

Composer - Yuvan Shankar Raja

Cast - Premji and Sampath with the white girl which name I can't remember

a) finally Dostana came to Kollywood! :D
b) Premji * Krishna = priceless
c) The shirt! 'six pack coming soon' - my bro should wear that.
d) wonderful composition from Yuvan
...what else?


Reading South Scope.

The India's largest circulated South film magazine... the best?

I remember first news about South Scope, the whole hype and huge event. I remember the exitment on bollywood.pl, we were waiting for something worth a while, not another semi-proffesional, taken in 70% from Wiki Aunty magazine.
When I've get the emag in early December 2009, it was both exiting and disapointing experience, the photos and all those visual threats were awesome but the content... Well...
Anyway, South Scope keeps on developing and I want to share with you few things about this magazine. Are you ready? :)

edit added while I was working on this post: Maybe you know or maybe on, I will be the second blogger which will appear in South Scope after filmigirl. I wanted to complain a lot in this post but... since I've heard this wonderful news from Vanaja Banagiri, South Scope editor-in-chief, I'm on cloud nine and I've decided not to complain and criticize that much... Which doesn't mean I won't :P

Sonali Bendre's kannada remake of Darr - Preethse (2000)

I found this movie by chance, with telugu dubbing :D And while reading Upendra's wiki page I've found it's a remake of Darr. Tja, I hasn't seen original yet, it didn't attracted me and I prefer SRK's movies made after 2000.
I thought that it will be some entertainer with Upendra romancing Sonali, like I saw one song from it. Instead I get a movie with Shivaraj and hairy, hairy Upendra, and a remake.

Plot is simple, same as in Darr (as far I rember reading synopsis). Sonali is Kiran, while the obssesive lover is Uppi and the right lover is Shivaraj.

Happy b'day, Manoj!

All the best!

Happy b'day, NTR!

All the best!


I think I'm too young... - Ore Kadhal (2007)

...to understand everything in movies like this. Which doesn't mean I have no idea what's happening there :)

Wife and husband. He's serching for a job, it's been a long time since he's doing this. She's not happy at all.
Economist. Careless person, he's living a simple, also not happy, life.
When the two meet each other, what will happend?


Cherry-Bunny starrer? 'The Brothers Grimm' remake!

Nicky AKA Apun Bindaas wrote a post about Allu Arjun-Ram Charan Teja movie, which is rumored.

I didn't like at much any of those guys but after a conversation with Nicky and Filmizest on twitter I decided to rite something about mine idea for their movie, I also wish they would remake something :)

I don't watch any other Asian movies than Indian so my pick for their movie would be different than Nicky, but I think that also good - how about Brothers Grimm?

Lots of fun!!

I mean the movie with Matt Damon and Heath Leadger, along with Monica Belluci and other Hollywood stars.

Life’s always good in Karunakaran’s world. - Darling (2010)

When you are a diehard Young Rebel Star fangirl, it's not easy to finish watching his filmography because of huge amount of flops.
Thank God Darling turned to be a wonderful movie :)
Karunakaran is still one of my most favorite directors ever^^


Another journalist who fights for your rights - Calcutta News (2008)

Dileep is a good actor, pity that mallu cinema is so monopolised by M&M.

Ajit Thomas lives in Calcutta, he's a mayali journalist. He use to snap things on his mobile and then he made headlines.
One day news about dead guy are spreaded, he feels he knows him from somewhere.
Eureka, it's one which he met several times, he rembered him and his wife a lot.
But... What happend then?


Unbelivable: a good movie from Priyadarshan - Chandralekha (1997)

I have no clue why I have watched this, maybe because of Mohanlal or just because it has English subs :P
It was a record grosser then, also couple of months ago I had an ambition to watch South blockbusters but when big % of them turned to be not as good I expected, I gave up.


Dubbing - right or wrong?

When I just started watching SI movies, I haven't noticed that the girls are dubbed. Only after few more and clever ppl on bollywood.pl, which made me know that voices are mostly someone's elses than the heroines (and villains). I was a bit angry but I get used to it but this issue comebacks...


Reading Thirukkural

After reading translation for VTV Anbil Avan song, I was so curious what is the Thirukkural, becase I has no idea then. Last week, I manged to get free .pfd of it and I'm amazed.
Rocking read, crap that I doesn't have transcription of tamil sentences, only translation.

Une admiration beate

Malaikottai - Yeh Aatha

Composer - Yuvan Shankar Raja

Cast - Vishal and Priyamani

a) Priyamani looks like a... no words? even if - nothing good. For her stylist of course, I can't blame her.
b) Vishal in wig! Long before Vijay :P
c) I'm the only person who has the problem with lyrics?
d) perfect mass song to dance in corridor xD
...what else?


Another (good!) movie about cinema - Vellithirai (2008)

What I could expect? Prakash and Prithvi should act in tamil version of Dostana :P

It's about a young filmaker which script is stealed by an aspiring actor. He makes use of it and become a big star...
The lead 3 - Prakash, Gopika and Prithvi - were very good :)
I'm exited about Anwar, mallu movies, third flick by Big B director, starring Prithvi and Prakash with Mamta Mohandas. Seems interesting, can't wait!!
We also have some SA's:

Glad to see Sampath, my latest villain-orented love :D
I liked how it's narrated. Not much ups and donws and holes. But... Some parts are too slow.
Music? 1st song!! And the b'wood one! And I got say that - GV Prakash: you and Mickey J Meyer are my hopes for better future!
A worth to see movie. Shows the bad side of cinema in good movie, maybe it slow but still. It's a remake of mallu movie, but I prefered to see this version because of Prithvi and Prakash :) And it was later made in hindi as Shortkut: The con is on, I think you may watched it :)

Rate - 4+
VM - 75%


Once a guide, always a son - Jayam Manadera (2000)

Venky. Venky? Venky! I can't belive I like him so much now, I remeber seeing my 1st movie with him and when I heard his voice I tought 'eh, he's talk like a teenager and looks like my dad, ugh', now, after some really amazing performances (and movies too:)) I admire him a lot!
And I was suprised to see he haven't got a BollyWhat thread. Sorry, but IMO, he deserves it 50x much more than Lizard King Allu Arjun, maybe in this weekend I'll try to think about it :)

We got a guy (Venkatesh), who is a NRI. He lives with parents, leading a life of 'niebiekie ptak' (sorry, that's the best word, who cares that's in Polish and has no translation:D). He got to take care after group of Thumps Up contest winners in their Europe trip. A nice girl is there (Soundarya)!
But... As the times goes by, love is in the air... He comes to India and why someone's trying to kill him?

What a movie! Entertainre all the way - fights, family, murders, matrix, romance, wedding, bad guys, good guys...

I liked Venky, as SPOLIERS!! both END OF SPOILERS!! characters, he dona a justice to the them. Well, I really like his comedy, his timing is pretty well;) It's my 1st movie with Soundharya, she was nice. Bhanupriya had a small part but she was very, very good in it. Villains? As good as the tourists.

LOL, the movie is woth a watch only for the opeing scene! Poisoning, worshiping some strange this and a slow jump into Europe!
Well, some jokes and fights was based on Baadshah and Martix, you could notice thatn on the caps below, but I really don't care, the whole movie was as good to just skip that matter :)
Music? The last song! I reminded me a bit Munna, maybe because in th Prabhas starrer they copied the idea of stoling bride and pasting song just after that.

Rate - 5--
VM - 75%

Why I hardly does single reviews for hindi movies? - Apna Sapna Money Money, Race and few more.

No clue.

36 China Town is superb! Sheer joy along with a nice script, couple of good songs included.
I didn't expect this plot puzzle to be sloved in this way, the twists were done in a good was, I could be focused on the accidents in 100%.
It was a time when Shahid started learing how to act, I'll skip his part and praise Akshaye, who was superb! Really :) The rest of the cast was fine too, maybe here were some overacting and that stuff, anyway I was suprised to see Priyanka's SA and the immortal quote 'Is your dad a drug dealer?' xD
Like I said before, the music is average, some songs are just to be, some are really good, like 27/7, which is my fave for a two years now!
Anyway, it's for me a perfect example of good comedy :)

Race has for sure too many twists. It's hard to belive then that the movies has no plot at all, only twists&turns are visible, sometimes you can even notice acting!
Twists? Too much, I say. I have losed the point after the big Akshaye-Bips twist, as the plot was going I was confesed more and more.
In this hairstyle Saif looks like a head of a russian mafia, Bips was horrible, Katrina too, Akshaye was fun :) And Anil, of course, comes and turns the plot even more weak. Sameera, how could you sign such a character? Ugh.
Music was OK, nothing much superb, Zara zara touch me was chatbuster in my playlist once, it's a nice song for a timepass.
To sum up - Race dissapoints.

Apna Sapna Money Money - I was baffled! I expected sth much worst that this but instead I found a good comedy in 36CT type :)
I was in need for such a movie, 100% stupid entertainer, after seeing couple of serious mallu flicks. The plot goes steadily, with a big BANG in climax.
I was suprised by Koena's good acting, but Celina was horrible. And Ritiesh was sooo hot in songs. Awww. I think about watching Iqbal for Shreyas, his impact on me is quite good :) Anupham was sooo poor! Bloody cheaters :D And nepali mafia with Chunky Pandey was hilarious. And Sunil as cop was fine too :)
Music? I liked all the tracks, especially Mika Singh's Dil mein bauji guitar, and the Alisha-Surkhwinder song. To be frank, the movie begins with 3 songs in a 10min long row, I was scared if it's happening in the whole movie. Thank, God, songs were more rare than often thing.
Same werdict as in 36CT.

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