#Rekhatober - where's she in her debut movie?

Because I saw it, three times, and there's no trace. Or I am blind.
So, enjoy another song, my screencaptures are hopeless ;)
[BTW, it's my first movie with Rajkumar! feels good to get a piece of a legend]


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No movie for a boy: being modern girl - Moggina Manasu (2008)

I expected a good movie. But? All I felt after this two something hours was 'I really wanted to see it?'.
I mean it.

So, the movie is about a girl (Radhika Pandit) that just started college. She's extremely exited but rather not about what she can learn.
She meets fellow fresher and they became friends. Then they befriend two gals, seniors that teach them "real" world.
All of them want to find their loves. Will they be happy?



As usual in such cases - Brindavanam (2010)

The movie is aabout a guy who wants to help his girlfriend friend and pretends to be her boyfriend. But it's a telugu movie so the girl's father is rather powerful, her arranged match is crazy in love with her but it's a sick prema + some twist and turns along with lots of dance, action and overall appalouse from specific audence.

Intermission junkie - no smoking


Mini, mini reviews - again

Eww. My b'day was yesterday, apart of lots online wishes the day wasn't that special.
And my block strikes again. Doubled!

Gangster - Emraan fails. He made the movie unwatchable for me, only he could be replaced...

Billa - for me telugu version is way better. Not only cause I don't like Ajith, but logically speaking, there's not so much holes in Meher Ramesh's remake.

Pasanga - marvelous!

Calendar - boring, I failed to get the point.

Parthiban Kanavu - Sneha show all the way.

Indian - I hate movies that talks about communism as it's something great. No way, I know my country history.

Chattanbinadu - yay, Mammootty with kannada accent! That made me watch it!

Janakan - fantastic! Loved it. Well-written.

Raaj the Showman - what is this? Pure WTF made in Sanadalwood, with one good song (Hey Paro), heroine that should be banned from breathing (wear some clothes, gal!) and hero, who's looks are more important than his acting.

Bheema - I don't know why such movies always takes so long to complete. This one's boring, complicated, naive, though the ending's rather disturbing, and overally not for me. But  Vikram... he's the best!

Villu - Prabhu Deva isn't a good director, he's good only while having good script like NvNv. In his thamizh latest, everything fails. And Nayan... She's looking like a make-up store most of the time. There are scenes where she has more lipstick, eyeshadow etc then I had all my life.
Remaded songs - shame. Only Daddy mummy sounds good in tamil.

Malai Malai - liked the particular masala style used here, Vedhika's my weakness.
Two songs (almost 3) are remaded, I hate this, but they sound OK. Loved Prabhu. But... His voice is so disturbing.

Kanden Kadhalai - JWM-hindi*thamizh. What's there in Tamanna? She's too Bebo, if to ask me. And here she's just copying, unlike Bharath, who managed to give his best.
Love the music, especially Odo odo, title song and, ripped, Oru naal.

Anjaana Anjani - there are only two things I liked in this movie - narration and Hairat.
Rest? Pora!

Bhramaram - Mohanlal as a guy who's taking revenge. Bhoomika was suprising, Lal was a usual terrific!
Narration failed, I was damn confused and the ending wasn't good shaped.

Pokkisham - boring! I loved the theme but... It was just too drag at parts, though the edning is perfect.
Loved Padmapriya, it was suprising to see Bindhu Madhavi in a tamil movie + she was reading Galatta :P

Inkosari - hmm, it's like Pokkisham. But it's still less drag, it has superb comedy by Venella Kishore. And one superb song by Shweta Pandit ^^

Idhi Sangathi - what is this? Tabu, nuvva? Raja had funny part ;) Awful, I can't belive the same guy made AB.

Anbe Sivam - jeez, Kamal. There's no possible way for me to like him. Maddy was my pillar of focus there, witha a rather confusing act that's good in it's own way.

Renigunta - marvelous.

Nanithale innukum - pimp up my Classmates? Liked few songs and that's all.

Vishaka Express - what is this? Disaster.

Arindhum Ariyamalum - what happend to Vishnu that he's not making such movies anymore? This and Pattiyal are his bests till date, no doubts.

Yagam - LOL :P Navdeep as hero that's earning by kissing cobras + Kim Sharma bikini + Bhoomika at her girlish best.

Pramani - Mammootty's not hero, he's not the villain! So...

Gayam and Gayam 2 - why to sequel when there's an final end? Anyway, I liked RGV movie but the recent one... Somehow it's more "trying to be appealing" why the director should just mind his bussines.

Mummy & Me - Urvasi all the way, but Archana is OK too. Loved Kunchako Boban, he looks 17! Somehow the story isn't appealing for me.

Raju Maharaju - despite of having small part, Ramya Krishnan rocked! LOL at some songs. And the good girl-turned-villain. The ending is riddiculous. Sharwanad can't even look good here! Songs, the kaleja number and cowboy song are rather shameful than catchy. Adn Mohan Babu was OK though sometimes I had feeling that his character was so unreal. The story is terrible and that's the point.

Dream Girl - loved it! But... I think Hema grew old in a rather unfavorable way, as seen in LCMD, for example. Dharmendra is too good.

Laaga Chunari Mein Daag - naive like nothing else. Totally. Abhi has role that's not much longer than usual cameo, actually, while Konkona and Kunal saves the movie with some antics.
Well, minus lots of drama and naive factor, the movie is pretty good.

Housefull - nice comedy, but Heyy Babyy was better :P Telugu spoken there is terrible, even mine's better.

Yavarum Nalam - not that scary but OK.


Vintunnava - another pichhi remake idea (my b'day special)

Once I tweeted about how great it would be to see the remake of Arrasu, kannada hit that had Puneet, Meera Jasmine and Ramya love triangle.
The drama was romba over, especially near climax, though last 10-5 minutes makes impression that you just have seen good movie.

I know the so-called poster is looking damn strange and Anushka-Mahesh combo may not work perfectly as seen in Khaleja but... I just couldn't help myself to use it as in contrast to a lyric from YMC song.

Enjoy another stupid post!

Chellam, this one's (again) for you!

Wish me all the best

Today's my b'day :)

I don't have aby special wishes, I think I will accept anything that comes my way, as everything is a God's Gift for me :)

Would love to be advanced in fulfilling these aims, and just be happy :)


Kha, kha, kha... Khaaleja (2010)

Mahesh Babu was my first SI crush, right after I saw Pokiri, in cinema (!). That was my first Southie and till date it's one of my favest ones. I never get tired of rewatching.
Yay, I remember my deep shock about year ago, when I was a beginner in Indian cinema and I suddently realised that he had no releases since Athidi. I know that heroes are mostly less busy then heroines but - wow. How come!
And then, after I saw everything with him (quite recently, but before that I missed Prince), I felt strange. [Thank God guys like Surya, Venky or Mohanlal has wider filmographies to catch up].

I had no idea if to watch long-expected Khaleja now, or wait or I don't know. Hey, I've waited almost two years for this one, how long will take Sreenu Vaitla-Mahesh combo to release?

Firstly - this is not Puli, olammo!, and it defenitely has better script, not only great hero.

When I went to see shooting for hindi movie (in Cracow!)


In my life I would never expect something like that to happend!

An Indian movie, titled Mujjahir is under shooting in my home town, Cracow. 1/3 of the budget will be spent here :)
Directed by Prashant Chadha.
Cracow will be Cracow, not like the Polish moutains, Tatry, in Fanaa that "acted" as Kashmir.

I went to the Szczepański square, the main place of recent shoot, right after the school, a bit unprepared, previously checked what's irreplaceable Grus saying.
I went there from my with friend, Suzy, the same girl that saw Magadheera with me :D
And we met fellow Rusałka, for all of them - mega thanks. And I also owe much to Askay and Mariola, what? Just wait :)

So we went to this square, where the shooting were supposed to take place, to check it out.

[this version is censored cuted, extended one is here but - in Polish. Forget Google translate!]


Yesterday, today, tomorrow - how to live if you are an actor

In Polish there are only three tenses - past, present and future (for people like me, who study super-advanced Polish, there are two other, not used in colloquial Polish).
Of course, there are other things that makes Polish the most difficult lang to learn, along with Chinese, but, at the other hand, it's though for me to learn English, where's 50+ tenses :P

Coming to the point, I always felt strong division between those three things and suddenly recently I've realised how it works for people working in cinema field, especially actors.
I want to share with you, my Dear Visitor, how come.

I don't mean to hurt / abuse anyone. Sorry.
Make out, not war.

Being a die-hard, being actor-friendly

I don't think I would be ever able to understand the fan craze that's common in India, especially South parts (as I know this cinema best).
Of course, I do watch movies only for the heroes, sometimes, but I would never spend my salary and time on making cut-out of my hero. Honestly, it's crazy.

I've always been quite actor-friendly, that is I never follow just one person.
I like many people for different qualities and it's not easy to find someone who's totally bad. I see pros even in my nemesis like Bunny, Aamir, Ajith, Ileana or Ramya - I don't like them but I'm able to respect their work.
Yes, I'm dedicated, but rather in periods. When there's some new release or I just finished one or two elder flicks, some hero or heroine always catch my attention, but I'm not a fan who's obssesed and is used to title videos with an actor he doesn't like as "(...) dancing with p***".


#Rekhatober - the South Indian in her

Honestly? I haven't seen anything with her that was older than Koi Mil Gaya. I know it's a big shame, forgive me :)

Not everybody realises that Rekha is a thamizh ponnu, that is tamil girl (woman I should say, na?).
Remember last Filmfare awards? When she read Vidya's name, she said 'oh, my girl' in tamil (Vidya's tamil too).
She's daughter of the legendary Kadhal Mannan (King of Romance), late Gemini Ganesan.
Rekha has few sister and one brother. It's interesting that, just like Rekha-Big B affair, her spread rumours once with his romance with Savitri, that ended up in a wedding. But later their romance have hit the rocks, she turned alcoholic, sliped into coma and died few moths later.


My second Punjabi movie, I don't know what to think - Mel Karade Rabba (2010)

Well, Prathna tweeted about this one, I thought - why not. As it had good BO and reviews wasn't bad.
God, I should remember that Ekam, my first Punjabi movie, seemed the same...

The story of Mel Karade Rabba is set in college, then it moves to country mansion and then it comebacks to city.

The lead guy, Rajveer (Jimmy Shergill), falls in love with a super-good girl, Seerat (Neeru Bajwa). He's got everything he wants, only the girl doesn't want him and she says yes to Nihaal (Gippy Grewal), Rajveer's biggest enemy.

Honestly? For me someone saw Arya 2 and tried to make the story seem like Punjabi flick. Of course, there are changes, but overal idea is similar.


Once again crazy remake idea - South Indian Dostana

Chellam Githa made me rethink all the ideas for remakes I had in my head, thus that's the reason why I've wrote this post :)

So my pick is Dostana.

I was waiting so much for the movie and my expectations were too high and that was the main thing that made me dislike the movie in general when it released.
The beginning and most of first helf is good but for me second half is drag boring and made completely without any idea how to shape it.

I don't know why, but always when I do remake posts, they are in 90% tolly-focused. This time I considered actors from two industries, that is Tamil and Telugu :)

Who? How come? Check it out! :)


Endhiran: Future calls - It's 3rd Oct 2050 and I just finished watching Endhiran

This is an fictional creation.
The author didn't wanted to abuse anyone, everything that is witten below is for fun purpose only.

I've get this idea few weeks before, as Endhiran/Enthiran/Robo/Robot/Rooboot release kept on postphoning, I had it on my mind but somehow I wasn't keen on being involved into it, as I had other stuff to do, as well school started and I have less time to waste.

Finally, the movie relesed last Friday, I manged to watch it. Firstly, it was a pleasant suprise to have English subs. I don't need them that much, as I picked up my Thamizh, Hindi, Kannada, Telugu, Malayalam and, last but not least, English quickly thanks to movies and mostly to watch more ane more flicks.

Back to the movie, enjoy this post - a nutty idea: what would a person living in 2050 fell after seeing this filmi extravaganza?
To make it easier, I just imagined myself being born 40 years later. And I tired to imagine also how the would would look in future...


Mini review, guess I'm able to write such ones only

Kadhalil Vizhunthen - my God, Ontari revisited? Naaka Mukka and that's all what I like there.
Was Sunaina dubbed? She sounded like not.

Amar Prem - boo, I thought it would be a 100% love story. But it was more about mother sentiment.
But I totally loved Sharmila's saries. I want them!

Delhi 6 - my God, why National Awards goes to such flicks? Abhi was convicing and that's the only pro from my side.

Super Police - I need to get back to my old habit, that is a regular watch of any better Venky's flick. Any recommendations other than what I saw so far? :)
What happend to Soundharya and Jayasudha was mean. And why my nemesis, Nagma, managed to woo Venky? Unfair, even I am better!
Venky - yela cheppanu? He was terrific, as usual. Gosh, 25 years and he still is able to make a crap like Lakshmi watchable with his performance only ^^
I love the OST, it's a great pity that ARR doesn't score telugu OSTs more often.

Bharatham - just like in Lahore case, I need to write super duper full-fledged review of this one, it was too good!

Unakkum Ennakum - it's worst than NvNv, which I didn't like much. Why did I saw tamil remake? To see how Jeyam Ravi is remaking Sid, after seeing him being confused if to be like like Ravi Teja or not.
The cow song turned to be chicken song (fail) and later it became Assalaam Valekhum in telugu.
No Prakash Raj = boo. AlsoI don't find Prabhu as convicing as Srihari was.

Kannukkul Nilavu - my God, psycho Vijay! Loved Shalini, Ilaya Thalapati was convicing too. Each and every movie with Raghuvaran make me miss him.
I need to rewatch this one.

une admiration beate

Jhoota hi sahi - Call me dil

Composer - ARR

Cast - John Abraham!

What can I say? The lyrics! I felt in love with them, sheer poetry.
Just like Kahin To Hogi Ho...

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