Gem - Pak Pak Paakak

Nana rocks. Marathi cinema's great.
God, made marathi movies more accessible for me (especially Sonali's award winning starrer).

The movie is about a boy, Chikhloo. He's bubbly, he's stubborn, he's maybe bit weak in studies. He's focused on pranks, apparently.
His village's placed near a forrest, where Buthya lives. Buthya's is a powerful. Evil thing, they say. But... Is it true?
Chikhloo one day goes to the forrest and...

This movie is defenitely one of the best movies I've ever seen. And I saw quite few.

AP goes scary [once again] - Anveshana (1985)

I love Telugu thillers. I can watch Mantra or Anasuya all over again, maybe Arundhati is not that easy ;)
It was natural for me to try Anveshana, even if Vamsi dissapointed me once or twice recently.

It's about a tiger that's eating people, which living in a forrest nearby people's houses. A girl cames there for a research, also one guy wants to know if the story about puli is true.
If not? If it's a serial killer?

Whoo, amazing!

Punnet and his mom - Vamsi (2008)

I consider Puneet Rajkumar as heir to his dad's throne, good performer, quite multi-talented. And yes, he's the best dancer in S'town :)

Vamsi is about young man who wants to be a policeman. He's got a loving mom, not-that-inteligent-but-pretty-girlfriend and lots of ambitions to change his mother land.
But he has no idea how the police looks like in real...

It was a nice timepass, nothing much, really.


Just trying Chetan - Aa Dinagalu (2007) and Birugali (2009)

I'm keen on exploring kannada cinema but it's tough as I hate remakes and just too much of movies made there aren't original at all.

Aa Dinagalu was splendid, maybe drag at parts but still it wasn't bad. Liked it.
But Birugali was way worst. I don't understand the point of this movie, defenitely messed up. Tough it has one paisa vasol song ;)

Urvasi + Chiru + Rao Gopal Rao + Silk Smitha = *amazed Lou*. Sorry not that, just Rustum (1984)

What a combo! When I saw a movie with Chiru (young Chiru!) on Urvasi's filmography, I couldn't resist. Saw it immidiately and...

Maybe it wasn't something special, but I wasn't much bored or disgusted, rather I was simply enjoying my fav people on screen.

Deepavali... what, the party's over? - Va (2010) and Uthama Putthiran (2010)

Yeah, I know I'm late. But I saw the movie a while ago, just wasn't able to write then.

Va - a meeting of three strangers. I can't say it was bad, but great either, for me.
Shiva was good, so was Charan, Lekha - OK, though she was quite too (?), I don't know, calm? No sign of live was there in her character, was it intentional?

Uthama Putthiran - remake of Ready that's one of my most loved movies. And that's a good remake, after all, maybe the music is bit less adorable, more mass, and Dhanush hasn't got the charm that Ram has and made the movie work.
As in remakes, dialogues are translated, actors changes and that's all. But still this one proves that you need something more than that, which UP certainly has.
One minus - no cinderella plot... Boo!


Here it shines in all it's glory - bolly bloggers grace the cover of BLOGUE!

It took me some time to get the idea (Darshit suggested it, though I was unsure the if to try and then, after few weeks, I've decided to try).
I hope it looks good enough to be worth the hype ;)

So... Introducing the very special cover of BLOGUE, featuring the fantastic bloggers that write about Indian cinema!


Mini set, again and again

I'm sorry, but I'm not able to write at all.

Jhootha hi sahi - Liked it a lot. Adorable! ARR music is not the only pro. And I don't care if Paki looks elder than John, since when the heroine always need to look 15 when the guy can be any age?

Yamaleela & Taqdeerwalla - Another Yama tale and it's hindi remake with Venky. Telugu version is mindblowing while hindi seems to be quite out...budgeted? Though Venky does great job, even with his strange voice.
Ali is a powerhouse, loved his shrewd reactions :) The book thing was wicked!

Dabangg - what a dissapointent. I was like - ugh, it's a super hit? Naah, why it's so bad then? Literally.

Thamizhan - Priyanka's real debut, an WTF Vijay movie. Their duo song is like... Oh, I'm speecheless.

Vaseegara - Nuvvu Naaku Nachhav remake, way worst, even if I prefer Sneha anytime anywhere while Arti=disaster. Vijay just can't carty such a movie on his shoulders in the way Venky does.

Ninne Pedhalatha - oldskul! Tabu was so bindaas, love it + greeku veerudu song.

Chal Mere Bhai - Young Salman? Not for me. I saw it only for Sonali's SA, Sanju was a suprise. Actually, he made me finish it without being much hurt.

Katha Thudarunnu - how good it was! And the ending - so real. Mamta was amazing.

Lahore - an unconventional attempt

I saw this movies in August but it took me that much to finally speak mostly because of my writer's block + school.
And this is not a movie that can be mentioned only in a set of oneliners, no way.

The movie is mainly focused on sports but yet it shows a new way of taking a look at the India - Pakistan thing.

Though I finally wrote this, I'm still quite non-in-a-favour-of-writing so forgive rather confused write-up.

Three words - Kutty Shrank (2010)

Go watch it!
Rate - 5+
VM - 100%

Naanu - Manasaare (2009)

Bhat's movies are different than the rest. I loved one and rather loather another. How about this one?

It's about an useless guy, he's living a live on so-called his own terms, that is: no job, affair with a girl that would never marry him and frequent family arguments.
One day, he ends up in a mental asylum...

I liked acting but I didn't liked the story.


Happy Independence Day!

Yup, the Polish one.

Today we celebrate the end of First World War, that gave us our country back. For more than 120 Poland wasn't present on any map, we were under rule of three countries, each took different part of Poland and we had to do wonders to save our nations. There were an attempts to try revolutions, Napoleon or seek help from Turkey but nothing really worked. Then, the War came and changed everything.
At least, we succeded and now I can proudly say I'm Polish without being bailed for it.
But... We had 20 years of freedom yet... After Second World War we were unlucky to lose our freedom once again. Russians took our country under rule. Till 1989 communism was destroying Poland.
Once again we proved we never give up and after some circumstances like choosing John Paul II as the new Pope in 1978 or Solidarity that came to light and never stepped out of it, we are free now. How happy - it's a different story.


5 things you should avoid while watching any South Indian movie

An bonus to all my previous "xlusive pieces" on SI cinema.
Some fun situtations that are connected with those movies, I just thought 'why not?'. And I'm writing it, while I still find myself doing it. (:P)


Her smile says it all - Sneha Galatta scans

How gorgeous she is... Makes up my issues with her long career in Kolywood with doubt Thamizh knowledge.


Honest, modest and unbeliveable - Jeeva Galatta scans

I liked him a lot ever since I saw SMS, then I managed to watch more and I just can't helf finding him super-awesome, either in duds like Kacheri Arambam or unfair Tamil MA.
I would NEVER belive he's not after any formal training.

Defenitely one of the best directors we have today - Gautham Vasudev Menon Ritz Chennai scans

Scans from Galatta and South Scope are here.
Man, how I just can't love the cover!


Hotter as she ages - Mumtaj Galatta scans

I still can't belive it's the same woman who tried to seduce Venky and Kalyan in Gemini and Khushi, respectively!
Message for all of those worried if I would ever comeback. Yup, I'm quite finishing Doctor Who now, will comeback to watching Indian stuff soon :)

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