Feel good and play cricket - Golconda High School (2010) + bonus Parama Veera Chakra (2010)

What a lovely movie.
It's about a group of school mates which are trained by Sampath (ever underrated Sumanth). They have to win a tournament, which is held after years. Why? Their trainer has some reasons.
Loved it. Among all Sankranthi releases, it's my fave. Without much hype, without "mass elements". I've read some reviews after watching and once again felt that TFI needs a hurricane of change.
Some of the critics said that the lack of powerful dialogues is a big con. Whaaaaat? Just take PVC or Puli as example. In both of those movies the overdose of punch dialoues made them unwatchable.
GHS do not fall into any cliche. Story goes steadily, without drag moments. Sumanth was really good. I missed him so much, great he's back. Swati impressed me. Again I disagree with all the critics which said she's and sari doesn't go along. Ye? How long she is going to play 16 years old irritating happy-go-lucky? Meeeh. Subbaraju does his best, as well the school team. I can see guys from movies like VKK or KBL, great :)
Loved the ANR remix. Story is really vivid, watch it once it's out on dvd.

Rate - 4++
VM - 75%

PVC... Fail. I think that NBK should better quit acting. For good. He just stand and should dialogues, his "dancing" is terrible and just watching him playing a couple with girl half his age and Jayasudha, which is as old as he is, playing his mother? Arghh. Actually, Sheela was cute. And Neha dubbed herself, which is the only plus in her rather creepy character. Ameesha goes with one face all the time.
The movie is sooo pathetic. I hate when directors think they will add some 'light' into movie with crap comedy sub-plots.
Anyways, stay away.

Rate - 0,3
VM - 25%


Full time fantasy which doesn't go along with me - Anaganaga Oka Dheerudu (2010)

I'm expecting some hateful comments about this review! Just joking...

To be honest, I hate Disney. Of course, I grew up with Donald Duck or Mickey Mouse, but thank God my mom used to "protect" me from al that prinsesses etc, and I am grateful. I've read lots of comics, but I've never been into movie more than seeing Lion King or Toy Story few times. What disgust me, when it comes to Disney, is how they influence minds of today's kids. Take all that HSM or Hannah Montana, everyday when I come home from school, I'm used to meet girls that do not have their backpacks with Hannah Montana but they try to behave like Miley Circus. Their brain is being eaten by teenage trash. Plus Disney did some very stupid things with Alladin for example - the line about cutting ears? WTF?

Another thing that made me cold about this movie is the leading part - Siddharth and Shruti. The guy pissed me off with not keeping his promises and the gal is rather hopeless for me. Being Kamal Hassan daughter made her think what> That I won't notice her plastic surgeries and lack of acting abilities? Yeah, she can smile and dance, a bit, too, but... meh, it that all? I think if she really want to be kind of a respectable actress, she has to workout her acting. I saw glimpeses of Luck cause the movie was unbearable for me. Not only because of her. Asin felt put of Surya's next because Hassan lobby made the lead go for Shruti or it's just a rumour - telidu.

The point I'm trying to make is that I'm overally unhappy with Disney trying to conquer South India. Bollywood didn't worked (guess why, Romeo) and this movie is a typical Disney flick with bits of TFI cliches.

Almost forgot how I hate remakes but then I saw Siruthai (2010) + bonus track - Mirapakai (2010)

I don't understand why so many heroes in other industries than Telugu are so keen to remake Ravi Teja's hits. He's a total individual. His histronics are very... erm, different, plus his movies are very Telugu in every sense. The failure of Thillalangadi or Dubai Babu should made people think than blindly follow success ratio.


Recently seen - mini, mini reviews

Ragada - noise. Anushka and Charmi rocks.

Manmadhan Anbu - suprise. Liked it.

Love Guru - kannada movie. How good it was! Tarun rises! Loved the ending.

Mulla - the best.

Kreala Cafe - genius.

Nirakazcha - main Godt, WTF?

Do Dooni Chaar - confused?

Hiss - disgusting.

Amaravati - scary.

Apoorvaragam - so crappy that it made it funny. Loved Nitya.

Shahrukh bola khubsurat hai tu - sweet! But quite wasted.

Eesan - why so long? Rather not as as good as Sumbramaniapuram.

Action Replayy - nice, funny. Bit too long.


BLOGUE - the very first issue!


 Oh, I did it. Thank you for lovely responce for the preview cover, I hope you'll like the mag as much as the cover :)

I spent quite a lot of time working on this but I did not avoided errors, pardon.

Sorry for the little delay, but yesterday, the day I planned to finally publish BLOGUE, I had an small accident, injured my back and spent half of the day in hospital.
Luckily, I'm OK now, nothing serious happend, I just need to eat some medicines to overcome the pain which is quite unbearable at times.
And I decided not to use Issuu to publish this thing but a free download.
Used lots of misc textures, credit for all resources is on my lj.

It has lots of links inside, beware/enjoy :)

So... Louella is happily present her newest great child, BLOGUE! Completely about Bolly Bloggers, with a special on Masala w Bigosie.

[click on the picture to download: simply enter the site and click on the green button 'Pobierz plik' (Eng - 'Download') on the right, downloading will start automaticlly after clicking]

Anyone up to be next to star in the special? I don't want to pick anyone, looking for someone who's ready ;)

Have a nice read and say what you think in the comments!


A sneak peek into BLOGUE first issue!

Remember this?

I decided to try making it an about 20 pages long so-called emagazine, focused on the shining world of bolly bloggers.

The very first issue is going to have a special on my own blog, that is Masala w Bigosie, a place where you are reading this now, and each and every next issue (if the thing would work) will be partly focused on other gorgeous people and their blogs. I have my picks who would likely be next ;)
Yes, it's me on the cover and the picture was taken when I was sort of celebrating this blog first anniversary here, on blogspot.

Also, the issue is going to have a bit about how 2010 was, where to find the best gossips in the net, who's made an artistic challenge and won it, little feature on why to blog and tips to do it... I hope you all will like it :)

Enjoy the cover and stay glued to get more!


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