Recently seen - mini, mini reviews

Ragada - noise. Anushka and Charmi rocks.

Manmadhan Anbu - suprise. Liked it.

Love Guru - kannada movie. How good it was! Tarun rises! Loved the ending.

Mulla - the best.

Kreala Cafe - genius.

Nirakazcha - main Godt, WTF?

Do Dooni Chaar - confused?

Hiss - disgusting.

Amaravati - scary.

Apoorvaragam - so crappy that it made it funny. Loved Nitya.

Shahrukh bola khubsurat hai tu - sweet! But quite wasted.

Eesan - why so long? Rather not as as good as Sumbramaniapuram.

Action Replayy - nice, funny. Bit too long.


  1. Do you watch the Kannada movies etc. with English subtitles? Probably :)

  2. ^ Really? Thats so awesome. I can't get the hang of Kannada for anything. Besides Polish, English, and I assume Hindi and Telugu what languages do you speak/ understand fluently? Love your blog BTW!

  3. Kannada is easy if you know Telugu and Hindi :)
    I know Tamil as much as I know Telugu. I also know Malayalam but can't speak, it's a real tongue twister. I used to learn Norwegian, I know it well. In school I tried Spanish and French so I understand them quite. Apart from that, I am sort of familiar with Hungarian, German, Japanese... Polish is itself hard even to native speakers so any other lang is a piece of cake for me :P
    Thanks a lot! Good to know you :)


Thanks! Can u do this more often?

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