The [ULTIMATE] difference between Bollywood and Tollywood

Still doubts? Try this - SI cinema AtoZ.

How brilliant - Dhobi Ghat (2011)

I was sceptic when I started watching it. You know, I don't like Aamir at all and only simple curiosity finally made me sit and watch. And I'm so glad I did it!

Dhobi Ghat is a not a simple movie. You need to focus, you need to understand the characters, you need to think. Few stories, not so simple as it seems, of ordinary people, are melted together, as it often happens in real life.

Random thing noticed while watching No one killed Jessica

Look at this:

Touched me, because I recognize it - it is a photo from Polish campaing for the freedom of speech (I wish I'm not wrong!) on Byelorussia. Situation there is quite terrible, as Polish diaspora (and not only them) are treated in a very bad way. It's a neighbour country for Poland and for a long time, till partition of Poland in 18th century, it was a part of Poland.
The campaign was based on posters with photos of convicted freedom fighters sticked on trees with a tape that covered their mouth, as if you are a Byelorussian journalist and you want to write for any of the local newspapers, you'll text will be "checked"...

Argh, I need to finish that movie soon! It's very good, though.

Let's say I was bored - how similar You Are My Soniya from K3G and Dum Dum Mast Hai from BBB are

I was the latter so many times during weekend, mostly because of it I wasn't able (again!) to write any review...
Anyways, enjoy:
Agree? :) It's a pure fun thing, no pun or stuff.

It's very similar to a thing I made with My Heart Is Beating from telugu movie Jalsa as it has some references to previous Power flicks - read here.

Maaf? I don't get this - 7 Khoon Maaf (2010)

I saw it parly because I was just curious if Vishal Bharadwaj is able to make me like any of his works more than just saying 'OK, not but but defenitely not my kind'.
Contain spoiles, be careful.

Saat Khoon Maaf... Writing a review became a very difficult thing for me, as I am not only suffering from writer's block but... It's not a personal blog so I won't explain. Anyways, I think that while trying to capture everything perfectly as the director's vision was, Vishal Bharadwaj forget that he may become bit repetitive, as it is clear that our main character will kill her hubbies sooner or later and the so-called twist at the end doesn't work for me.


Raam and Porki or how tired of remakes am I

I like intelligent remakes, not frame-to-frame ones. Sadly, they are more popular...
Sometimes I wish someone from the industry would read my blog and this post would be really helpful in this issue.

Both Raam and Porki are hopeless. I refuse to rate them. Argh, two of my favest movies ruined by theirs director mostly because they prefer to blindly copying original versions than bring some original feel.


So vivid that I almost belived that it is real - Patiala House (2011)

Kal ho na ho is a very special movie, here, in Poland. For many it is their first bolly flick, some just loved. Yet I know some haters. But haters will hate and I like not only because of Sonali Bendre's guest role.
Somehow after that Nikhil Adwani made movies that weren't much watchable for me... Salaam-E-Ishq was the biggest dissapointment for me, as it could be so much better.

Patiala House is a story of a punjabi guy from London who once was a promiscious cricketer but then his father didn't wanted him to play for England so... now he's a living shadow. But things will change.

What impressed me the most, is Akki. I know he can act but somehow he hasn't got much to do in movies like TMK where cheap jokes are more important than real performance. Anyway, Patiala House totally impressed me in whole, as I wasn't expected much from it. But I saw it three of four times already so there should be something.

Akki was so good. Quited, his emotions in first half were missing, he was blank. Shadow. If this part would be ruined, the whole movies had been unwatchable. It wasn't, 'paisa vasool' I would said.
I'm used to kind of avoid hindi cinema as so many things are going on in places like Chennai or Kolkata. It's true that Bollywood became very westernized these days, as movies like IHLS are being made but there's something missed in them. Probably, as someone I know said, it's not longer theirs. Having said that, I am aware that very own Dabangg was a splendid success. Yet movies like Band Baaja Baraat literally clear the air - they are not western but very much into Indian 'things'.


BLOGUE - third issue!

Some links went missing and I had to fix them. So if you donloaded the issue before LONDON 5:30pm, download it again to avoid having unfinished emag on your hard drive.

One big experiment. Hope it looks good enough!

My Nitro PDF Professional expired and I'm sorry for the watermarks. Yet if you want to get rid of them in the future, way to go - you can buy me the program licence.

Honey of The Daily Honey graced the cover. Gossip girl is my emagazine? Her answers to my questions simply rocks.

Lotus_luva wrote a special article, thank you chellam! As usual, it is mindblowing.

I inserted links to some elder posts, like Darshit's rain song list or some posts of mine.

I am very proud of the cover, her feature and the whole issue, as I said, I tried different ideas, I just wish it is readable xD

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Une admiration beate

This song is quite cute (love the coat!), and I really wish Rahman could do more kannada stuff.

BTW, Valentine's Day? I don't care. But if you do, then you have to read my post on love in Indian movies - http://bit.ly/a5ND6V :)


Sneak peek into the third issue of BLOGUE!

Love her or hate her but nothing can change the fact that the great Honey of The Daily Honey is going to speak up her mind in the third issue!
Enjoy the cover and check out my twitter once a while to know other specials ;)

Mini reviews once again

Baava - disaster. I felt asleep while watching it.

John Appa Rao - why Simran did this? She was gorgeous as usual but for someone who was right on the tope for few years it's an epic fail.

Dubai Seenu - good fun :)

Yamagola Malli Modalaindi - even better fun xD

Vamsam - could be so much better... But it liked it anyway. Cute romance.

Time - weird.

Ravanaprabhu - not bad, but Vasundhara was bit wasted.

Aavida Maa Aavide - comedy of errors? Quite enjoyed it. Srihari!

Knock out - original was better.

Aakrosh - good social issues-related stuff.

Khata Metta - even worst than its original :P

Pattinte Palazhi - such a dissapointment... It was nice, but somehow I thought maybe it would be... I don't know, less stereotypical? Because it's an melodrama so common. At least in second half Revathi saved it a bit.

Kakki - boooooring.

Maasantha Nuvve - it was better than I expected xD


The case of a second heroine

Ever since I started watching Indian movies, especially South, I was quite suprised that somehow they have more than one heroine and the second girl is rather specific.
I'm not talking about multistarrers, it's a different thing, but it's rare to see a mass movie with just one girl trying to get the hero.

What is a second heroine? Usually a girl with cruel intentions or unaware of hero's past or she's the lead heroine's best friend. She tires to woo him and usually, she lost. Lead heroine mostly wins but sometimes she like a sheet anchor for lead.
She can be very modern yet very traditional. Always - she has a song of two, sometimes romantic track with Swiss mountains or mass number.
At the end, if the first girl is dead or simply out-of-reach, she becomes the hero's lady love. But if hero's still has his woman, she vanishes without a trace. Magic!

Every woman has a right for pleasure - Anaahat (2003)

What a movie. Honestly I was bit against the main theme as I read some synopsises but now, after watching, I totally agree.

Maharaja and maharani needs a son. He can't have one so his wife is obligared to chose one of her subject to spend a night with and conceive.
She's not much willing to do so but after the night...

I saw it for my pranam Sonali Bendre. Fabulous.


Puneeth and Soori combo gave us intelligent entertainer - Jackie (2010)

Soori is a director whom I really like. Both Junglee and Duniya were really good and I defenitely waiting for his next offerings. With Puneeth... Well, I like him, he's good. Defenitely the best dancer among sandalwood guys.

Jackie is a quite complicated movie, bit noisy too, about a guy who literally lands in trouble.


Kamal Haasan goes hardcore - Aalavandhaan

Basically I'm going to review this movie in three (yes) screeencapses.

That's all.

Mini reviews

Kathi - I have to admit that I saw it mostly for Sana Khan. I don't like her as much as I adore Sonali Bendre for example, but she's gorgeous anyway. Plus I think that Kalyan Ram is a quite good actor, especially in Hare Ram. I love NTR Jr very much and I heard that liking his step-brother is a bad thing. Why? I could stand this one, nice ending song. And Sham, with this lovely Village lo Vinayakudu gal.

Ritu - so boring.

Minnaminnikkootam - very confused. Though it's always nice to see Meera Jasmine.

Four Friends - just like Minnaminnikkootam.

Amrutha Dhaare - I have read two very different reviews of this movie - one totally favorable, as the movies is real and cute. Second said it's terrible, boring and sentimental.
After watching, I'm more into the second one.


BLOGUE - the second issue!

Oh, it can be dissapointing one, guys. My Nitro PDF Professional expired and I'm sorry for the watermarks. Yet if you want to get rid of them in the future, way to go - you can buy me the program licence ;)

This issue is smaller and rather creepier. Yet... I personally love the cover. I experiment with such colorings a lot recently and thought - why not? I just wish the special blogger will like it too ;)

And it's the gorgeous Nicki! You know her awesome blog for sure, she the best. Not many are aware that she only made me join twitter (again after a break long ago), watch Vaaranam Aayiram... Read what she has to say, it's just great.

There's also an very special feature by my chellam Githa. She agreed to write something on how she feels while people non-Indian at all watch all those flicks. I think it's one of the best things she ever wrote...

I also gave you few links to great tumblrs, check out this and much more great stuff which the current BLOGUE has!

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BTW, this is my 600th post here :)

Asin the body, Vijay the guard - Kaavalan (2011)

I saw the original long ago, bit liked it but not much. I saw the remake just to... OK, I'll be honest - increse the number on Indian movies seen by me, as I'm near 800th movie :)

The story is same here. Quite lots of changes makes the movie more commercial, malayalam original was very small, somehow, thanks to lovely music by Osepachan or different characterisation.

Vijay does his first romantic movie after a long gap. Wasn't Sachin the last no action movie he made? Anyways, he did a good job. Asin is doing the same thing as usual, I dunno if there's something wrong with her or with me - she seem always same for me.
Vadhivelu is unbearable as usual.

Plot? Well, even more messy than before. It's hard for me to concentrate and I wish some moments would be out of the movie.

Unlike love story - Dil Toh Baccha Hai Ji (2010)

Guys, I'm dissapointed. I expected director, known for some really good realistic flick, to rock this very dreamy genre. And?
What I get is a boring movie, about erm, love?


I'm going to love this movie even after 100 years from now - Ala Modalaindi (2010)

I saw the trailer because my darlings reqested me to, then I've heard and read some amazing reviews so I thought - why not?

And guys... I loved every bit of it.

It starts in unsual but cliched way - car accident. Then the same guy's having his heart broken by his lady love marrying someone else. Then, he meets Nitya!

What a gem.
Nani, whom I never liked much, shines. The only moment he is confused and fails, was in the scene with doctor. Everything else, even the Nitya twist, goes well with his character, and apart of this one tiny moment, he never fails.
It was so funny, the sequence with him in this pink thing xD
Nitya is such a cute, bubbly actress. Ever since I saw her in kannada Josh, I felt in love. Very big talent, I look forward to every new release with her. Here she created very true character, she dubbed herself even! Kudos.
Every actor in the beckground has done a great job. Sneha Ullau was average, while Ashish rocks. And the mom was so sweet.

I loved the way the story was narrared. It was simple yet very gripping, you wanted to know what made the hero do this to Ashish etc. And the ending - so nice.
Actually, the first half is very funny while second is more serious, bit slow. But I didn't care as things really works for this one.
Youth falling in love - how cliched is that? But the script manages to give us a fresh feeling, something that I presonally always been missing in all kinds of romcoms - it's really difficoult to give us something new in a movie about something so old like love.
I'm going to watch out for the Nandini Reddy's next flicks!

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