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Girls robbing a bank - United Six (2011)

I heard about this movie while I was checking out latest music releases long ago. Then I read it has Daisy Bhopanna, who I remeber from Gaalipata mostly and quite like. I am sure you haven't heard much about this one, just like people asked me many questions about Benny aur Babloo, more or less similar flick, which is totally forgotten yet worth a watch.

Stylish Blog Award

Well, Lime(tte) passed this thing to me, thanks. Always bit of fun.

So... I have to name seven facts about myself and then pass it so other 7 bloggers that I admire... Kashtam! :)

The stuff about myself first:
1. I am always feeling underrated. It comes from my low self-esteem, which I am advised to fight with my lost of qualities... which doesn't help much. I am used to suffer from a strange thing every month or two weeks, recently it happend that some people whom I tought are my friends, told me some stuff, really childlish things... At the same time, this DPR (as I call it) came and I was in really poor condition, and it was on school trip... I tried to help myself by reading this list but it didn't worked out and all I want to do is burn it. Yeah, nothing can help my low self esteem. I always need somebody assuring me that I am worth being alive. I've always been special. Bahut alag! Yet it always seems to me that am I average. Yes, I have some psychological probs, but I don't know anyone who doesn't. OK, God is issue-free, I suppose.


Fifth BLOGUE :)

Aww, can't belive it! It came quick because the bloggers featured in this issue are super cooperative :) (no pun...)

Anyways, I don't want to say much, just... download it :)

Yours Truly + Filmi Girl + Dunk Daft + Lotus+Luva = don't miss it!
Double issue means for instance two covers. You can choose which one you want to see at the first page!
(al prev issues here)

Teen Maar (Love Aaj Kal remake) music review

LAK remake? Thout sounds weird. But with a director who sucessfully (yes, I am sying that and you know how I hate remakes!) remaked Munnabhai MBBS and did some other good movies, with actress who's on the top of her acting abilities and a hero, who is fresh from a flop comeback, it is rather interesting.
Anyways, I was eagerly waiting for the soundtrack. How it is? (BTW, I understand Telugu so don't be suprised by me judging lyrics).

Supid faces of Indian Cinema III


Mini reviews...

Sorry... I'm really so much not able to write more reviews than few sentences for each movie I saw... Writer's block some call it, I just think I am quite tired and making graphics is all I am able to do after school.

Yugapurushan - I had no idea that somebody like Sri Narayana Guru ever lived. He even met Gandhi (it's in the movie, wonderful scene). Plenty of well-known great mallu actors are here, like Mammootty for example. Well, I can say that some scenes (women throwing on the floor her breasts after cutting them? ouch) wich are defenitely memorable but wisdom and greatness of this movie is defenitely overwhelming. I totally recommend this one.

Singam Puli - great Jeeva, the reast is a fail.

No one killed Jessica - mindblowing! It's a pleasure to watch two talented ladies acting so well, especially Rani whom I missed so much. I like this genre and this movie is just awesome.

De Dana Dan - arghh. I was so tired after watching it... Awful.

Alag - weird.

Deewane Huye Pagal - lol! Bit to long, yet I totally enjoyed Akki's character.

One 2 Ka 4 - it could be so much better... SRK speaking tamil = "Kamal Hassan Rajnikanth Venkatesh Nagarjuna". All is well?

Annamayya - mythological SI flicks are awesome. Nag acting for real and not showing off? Awesome too.

Ishq - bit lot but the "light" part isn't so exposed like this "pathetic" one and it wasn't really enjoyable for me.

Appu - Puneet Rajkumar's debut. I love Rakshita so it was a pleasure for me.

Kuch Tum Kaho Kuch Hum Kahein - well, as a remake, it's not so bad but I still prefer telugu original. Venky and Simran forever!

I see you - it's been a long, long time since I saw a movie so bad. But after a quich rewatch, I like bits. Vipasha wasn't so bad, at least so was beautiful :P

Dubai Babu - kannada Dubai Sennu. I need to watch Uppi's latest, the one with this weird title, can't remember it.

Mannan - tamil Gharana Mogudu. Weird to watch it again, but I totally prefer Vijayashanti than Nagma in the lead.

Annamayya - it is the second movie where I think Nagarjuna rather is focused on acting than spreading his charm. GREAT movie.

Peepli Live - dear Aamir, don't touch me or I'll turn gold.

Chup chup ke - I would love not watching this.

Mann - Aamir and Manisha in everlasting boredom.

Pancharangi - aww, Diganth is perfect. I love one song, others are unbearable for me, sadly. I liked the plot. I liked the ending. But still Gaalipata was better.

Neal n Nikki - arghhhhh. Arghhhhh. Uday!!!

Aakasmika - Rajkumar, please.

Jaan-E-Mann - only Akki made me finish this one. An Preity too. But Sallu... Irritating.

Humko Deewane Kar Gaye - Akki marathon part xyz, this movie made everyone belive in Katrina-Akshay pairing? I can't belive this. For your eyes only = LMAO.

Alluda Majaaka - Chiru and the best stunts ever.

Welcome - brainless!

Dhaam Dhoom - Jayam Ravi in Russia, Kangana = cute, me = bored.

Pranchiyettan-The Saint - Ranjith, you master. I totally adore this movie, the idea is so great! Kudos!

Kandahar - Keerthi Chakra reloaded... That one was splendid, this is awful. And it was weird - Big B was supposed to have a mayali son who spoke to him in malayalam and Big B responded him with hindi?

Is a bolly remake of Kandukonden Kandukonden possible?

Yes, of course. With Lou everything IS possible ;)
Jokes apart, I saw Kandukonden Kandukonden plenty of times. At first time, it was 4am and I was more interested in trying not to fall asleep than the plot and I didn't liked it much. But later, I saw it like... erm, 5 times? It is just too good. It is a tamil movie, based on a novel by Jane Austen, it was directed by Rajiv Menon (he made Minsara Kanavu (I liked it like 100000 times less than Kandukonden Kandukonden); he's Gautham Menon's guru!) and it stars people like Mammootty, Tabu, Ajith, Ash, Abbas, Raghuvaran, even AR Rahman himself and Dino Morea, among others.
I got this idea not so long ago, while I was wondering why Salman Khan remakes movies like Ready or Pokiri, which I love, while staring at some photos with the gorgeous Anushka Sharma (my latest muse ^^) and listeing to Issami Eye Eye.
My chellam Githa always encourages me to write such posts so... It's dedicted to her and my remake-post-guru ApunBindaas :)

Prev ones - telugu Brothers Grimm (Allu Arjun's brother and RCT's cousin, Allu Sirish tweeted abt this post once), telugu Wedding Crashers and Sexmission, telugu Arrasu (b'day special, it's "poster" is quite "famous" :P),SI Dostana (quite proud of it :P).


Stupid faces of Indian Cinema II

Intermission junkie - Anil!


BLOGUE - fourth issue!

Yes, it took me while but it wasn't my fault.

Jjake61 of Tollywood is my Bollywood graced the cover and blogger special. It was a pleasure :)

My darling Githa wrote another very special special, this time about why and how wonderful movies flop and more.

Yes, this edition is rather short but... I promosie that the 5th issue, double one, will be rather loaded. Sixth too, as it is going to be focused on tumblrs, like me (follow me there! my blog is very beautiful, I really care :)).


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Tell what you think in comments!

Stupid faces of Indian Cinema I

Une admiration beate

Intermission junkie - cry


My 800th Indian movie, Sancharram (2004).

Oh, it took me long. I planed to watch some more than usual during winter break but somehow I had different things to do and considering hectick school schedule, I'm glat I managed to make it right now :)

Previous centuries - 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th,7th.

I am sorry for not updating this list, maaf kardo. I'm too busy and it takes a lot of time to link to every post, check etc. As soon as I will have some time, I'll do it :)

So... It's not the first time when malayalam movie is my jubilee one. I am not complaining, as this industry is one of my favest and movies are really good.

Sancharram is a very brave movie. When I decided to watch it (as usual :P) I had no idea about what it is and while watching, my jaw was dropped (most of the time).



The Thriller - Prithvi the police and nice soundtrack (Mamta's item!). Nothing special apart of that.

No problem - WTF?

Virumandi - another new Kamal and another movie that makes me think about watching only his elder movies like those with Rajni.

Eenadu - another remake, another fail.

Run - fun if with Rajni's filter.

Once Upon a Time in Mumbaai - soooo goooood. Loved Kangana, plus Ajay is a real gem here.

Aadukalam - movie by movie Dhanush progress. How great he will be after ten years from now?

Rythm - nice, warm story.

Tanu weds Manu expected it to be better but it's still good.

Nadunisi Naigal - Gautham Menon the master.

Unstoppable rollercoaster of fun events - Jhoom Barabar Jhoom (2007)

I don't understand why such movies flop.
They are fun, they are illogical, they are gorgeous. Isn't it everything what a movie should be?
Enjoy some screencapses:

Always mind what is real and what is not - Vanaprastham


Don't start a war with anyone, it's the easiest way to fall in love - Kanda Naal Mudhal (2005)

To be honest, I was it only because of some good reviews I read. I didn't liked Laila much before that one, but after seeing Kanda Naal Mudhal, I can say she's more likeable and somehow she has shown more of her talent here than anywhere else.

The story is about boy and girl who hate each other. But their paths cross once again while wedding...


Possibly Chiru's best performance I saw so far? - Swayamkrushi (1987)

Ave K. Viswanath!

Poor cobbler, Sambaiah, raises his death sister's son and finacing education of an orphan. Somehow, he becomes wealthy but then his newphew rebells...

How great, how good, how genius, how brilliant, how amazing...

Hijack - Payanam/Gaganam (2011)

I don't like such movies much. Of course, there were some good ones, but most of the time this kind of cinema is not my cup of tea.
When the director is known to you for some rather soft, emotional stuff, and is next is a rather action thing, curiosity increases.

Shameless and pointlees "review" - Bobbili Puli (1982)

anpMy first full NTR movie.
How was it? This gif will tel you ;)


Shakthi music review

As much as I like some tracks from KaNTRi, nowadays Mani Sharma rather dissapoints than suprises. I still think that Pokiri is his best album so far, at least it is my fave.
Shakthi, just like KaNTRi, stars NTR Jr and is directer by Meher Ramesh. I was waiting for this one to come for like year! Every source I know repeats just one thing - that I'll be sooper-dooper. Is the OST so good? Let me rate it :)

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