BLOGUE - fourth issue!

Yes, it took me while but it wasn't my fault.

Jjake61 of Tollywood is my Bollywood graced the cover and blogger special. It was a pleasure :)

My darling Githa wrote another very special special, this time about why and how wonderful movies flop and more.

Yes, this edition is rather short but... I promosie that the 5th issue, double one, will be rather loaded. Sixth too, as it is going to be focused on tumblrs, like me (follow me there! my blog is very beautiful, I really care :)).


[to download, click on the picture and then click on that green button 'Pobierz plik; IMAGE GUIDE HOW TO DOWNLOAD]

Tell what you think in comments!


  1. Good as always! Who's dissing you, btw? I don't think you should close your blog!


Thanks! Can u do this more often?

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