Shakthi music review

As much as I like some tracks from KaNTRi, nowadays Mani Sharma rather dissapoints than suprises. I still think that Pokiri is his best album so far, at least it is my fave.
Shakthi, just like KaNTRi, stars NTR Jr and is directer by Meher Ramesh. I was waiting for this one to come for like year! Every source I know repeats just one thing - that I'll be sooper-dooper. Is the OST so good? Let me rate it :)

Album stars with Thaliya Thaliya, sunged by Ranjith. It has drums partly lifted from tamil song Aadungada and some lyrics in hindi makes the song interesting. Another mass (possibly intro song), nothing special. It can make you dance, but apart of that it isn't much special.
Next is Prema Desham, Hemachandra teams with Saindhavi. Sounds good but boring, at first I wasn't able to finish listening and wanted something faster (the very next track is so, watch out!). Nice melodic tunes, simple lyrics... As Mani garu often says he loves to compose romantic, melodical songs - it just doesn't shows. Light sample or some other efect that often comebacks in this song is quite catchy.
Mathileka Pichiga is defenitely my fave. Ranjith again, this time with Chinmayi. What a composition! The only thing that bugs me is the misuse of Spanish lyrics - hillarious if you have a clue what they (do not) mean. Chinmayi probably delivers the best female vocals of this album and modern spirit of the song along with great beats totally makes you unbale to sit while listening. Catchy refren, awesome vocals - oh, I can't wait for the video! I am sure NTR will rock it.
Surro Surra - Suchitra at the beginning made me smile. I love her voice, she's such an amazing singer. Javed Ali provides male vocals - Maham Maye effect? Maybe, but it sounds really good. Again some hindi lyrics, telugu aren't much great. The track is bit wasted, I was bored just after 1/5 of the song - quite soon, na?
Yamaga Unde has Karunya and Malavika doing a duo. Actually I expected Hemachandra and Malavika duet in this album, considering how hit are thiers songs, but it is always nice to hear something new... This song is too messy for me, it has some tunes I know from the composer's previous albums. Disco touch? Well, chaotic one, the drums - confusing.
Mahishasura Mardhini - Srivardhini, Aalap - Sharath. Classic, suposedly epic yet.. booooooring.

To sum up, I want to say that it isn't anything much more than average commercial OST but I defenitely want to see the videos to finally judge these songs.

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