Different is better - Mr Perfect (2011)

Again a romance from Prabhas. Better than Darling? Hard to say, because both are quite different, only the lead pair is similar - Kajal and Prabhas. And I can compare that thing - they are really nice together :)

The story revolves around Vicky, Australia-based NRI, who wants to fullfil his dreams and enjoy life. His parents found a girl for him, her name is Priya (Kajal) and they knew each other from early school days (and teased a lot!). Both of parents agree that the couple need some time to get to know each other so Vicky goes with parents (awesome Tulasi Sivamani!) to India. Will Vicky marry Priya or he will...?

The guy who made Santosham, which I disliked quite much, with Mr Perfect (everytime I read this I can hear this song from Aarya 2...) did a great job.
Managed to capture the today's youth desires and doubts without being pathetic.

Risky - Ko (2011)

I don't understand all these rubbish reviews stating that Ko doesn't makes sense. Of course it do!
In comparison to Ayan, which I totally dislike despite grest Surya in it, this masala has a taste!

Ashwin (Jeeva) works for a newspaper called "Dina Anjal". He is a photojournalist. In his office, he has to deal with Saro (Piaa), bubbly gal in love with him, and Renu (Karthika), who made him lost his camera the other day.
Apart from that, Vasanth (Ajmal Ameer), is the leader of 'Siragugal', group of young people that wants to make a change in politics.
But... Is he really so good-hearted? And do the politicians that "Dina Anjal" once made lose their image remain silent? What about Ashwin?

I think that Ko is not another entertainer with a item number, rowdies, five songs shot in beautiful places, love plot that lasts 5 min but something different.


With the great Sujoy.

This issue is about Tumblr. What it is? Read and download :)

And, Githa wrote something special, as usual!

all prev issues here


The worst movie ever - Saleem (2009)

Forget TMK. Forget Khata Meeta. Forget DAPK. Forget Puli.
Forget any bad movie you have ever seen in your life.

This is the worst movie ever.

Maybe it's a bit exaggerated to say so but... Saleem is bad. Oh so bad. Not even that bad to be good instead!

I haven't got the foggiest what the diretor thought while shooting it. It took him lot of money and a lot of time, I wonder why he's now shooting for Rey. Just show this movie to your kids and they won't fall asleep again.

I like some songs. Like O Baby, Kalti, Mama Mia. But only audio. Never video...


Untitled kick-ass kannada flick, titled 'Super' by fans - real must-watch

I don't say that that this movie is mindblowing like Mani Ratnam's movies can be. It is a perfect entertainer.

Catchy songs, mindblowing stunts, twist and turns when you don't expect them, fancy narration, not bad comedy... Makes a super-enjoyable movie.

The story revolves around a man who wants India to be super-country after 20 years - that is in the 2030.
He, of course, fall in love, has to fight a little but, again it's sure, always wins!

Upendra acted and directed this one. Great job! He tried some fancy hairstyles and costumes, I wonder what next :P
Nayan is good, rather pleasant than irritating. Just when she started to act, she has to leave... Sigh.
I liked the comedy, it wasn't so bad as I thought it may be :P

Upendra's direction is good, he was aware of certain cliches but somehow he didn't saved the movie from being quite pathetic at times. But still it is much, much better than Sivaji, for example.
The most riddiculous plot is the bet between some white guy and Uppi. Tulip Josi was there, if I am not wrong, it was funny but still creepy.

Music? Title track is rocking xD just watch it.

Total recommendation! The movie was made in three langs, so no matter if you are tamil, telugu or kannada, try watching this one and you can say "thanks" to me.

Hello, I just recived an awesome comment.

Longish one, by tekken, posted here, and I was truly happy to read it during my Easter break (thanks to my sis :)).

Hey, just a guy from Chennai. Was surfing through a few foreigner-written bolly blogs when I happened to stumble on to yours.
Allow me to say yours is by far the best in terms of coverage.
As a keen and discerning(at least in my mind :) ) tamil cinema aficianado, I am rather pleasantly surprised, nay shocked that you have taken such pains to see as many movies as you have.
Most other bolly blogs have disappointed me in the sense that, unconscious to themselves, their enjoyment of Indian films comes across more like patronising and condescending, like saying that an Indian movie is funny when actually in their mind, they are thinking "WTF? This is so hilariously dumb!".
You seem a more genuine admirer, which I appreciate.
My only grievance is, why such short one-word reviews to some great classics like Swathi Muthyam(old), Angadi Theru and Kaadhal, which you yourself say is outstanding?
Kind request:As much as you and me(and a billion others) enjoy masala films, and they do make an important part of film culture in India, it is my view that ultimately they lead to degradation in quality and eventually promote the idea that 5 songs in picturized in New Zealand, Nigeria and Switzerland with 100s of skimpily clad background dancers, an item song and one fella bashing 100 rowdies is the only way to make a hit film.

This is disastrous for film industries. Already you can see realistic movies are almost extinct in Telugu(movies like Prasthanam being rare exceptions) while Tamil realistic movies somehow continues to survive and create milestones(like Tamizh Padam, Aayirathil oruvan, angadi theru, Eesan, subramaniapuram et al.)

So please give more realistic films their due(like full reviews instead of one word).
Big stars are already getting more than enough publicity.
It is films like Kalavaani that need good reviews and word-of-mouth.

Another request: I read somewhere in your blog that you know a bit of telugu. Please try to learn tamil too. Not to read or write, but to understand.
Trust me, you'll appreciate tamil movies much more. Dialogues in Tamil, IMO, are better written these days than in telugu or hindi and a lot is lost during subtitling(which is done by idiots who make them ridiculous).

Also, try to come to Chennai sometime to watch a big movie FDFS(first-day-first-show). You'll remember it for the rest of your life.

Finally, despite you being a foreigner, your taste in Tamil cinema(sorry, I don't watch telugu or hindi movies often) is rather good. Atleast, in sync with many in Tamilnadu. So cheers!!!

I'll continue to post whenever I can. Feel free to ask me any doubts, or regarding any tamil film.

P.S.Watch Pudhupettai, if you haven't already. Mind-blowing film, haunting theme music.


Coffe, tea or me - Teen Maar (2011)

Love Aaj Kal telugu remake. Any good? Let me see.

(EKKK will be back soon, right after Easter - no new posts till then.)

Story is pretty same. Guy and girl, realationship, then break-up and random man narrating a love story to the guy.

What can I say... It's a good remake! And most of you, dear readers, know how much I hate remakes. Read a special post about them.


10 reasons why Vikram is worth my love (yours too)

Yeah, I am bit late with the birthdate post, who cares. I am always late with everything, I am pretty used to it. I've posted some stuff on my awesome tumblr, some Chiyaan graphics.

I've got the idea pretty late, I mean it's now 22:30pm, Monday, I am listening to the songs from Kanthaswamy (my guilty pleasure!), I justed opened new file in Notepad (yeah, I write 99,999999% of my blog stuff offline, when I am online I just do ctrl+c ctrl+v and post, after checking spellings (pretty hard, my dyslexia makes me blid :P)) and trying to write something.


Sixth and seventh BLOGUE - exlusive cover launch :)

Nepali movie with a "kickass" ending - Batomuniko Phool

EKKK abhi baki hai!

One of my life aims is to watch at least one movie in every Indian lang in which some movies are made (like Telugu or Oriya). Bugs me pretty much that most of the people I know, apart from some freaks, prefer the pretty, export side of Indian cinema such as Hindi cinema. Well, according to me, they are just bit dumb. Cause, I'll repeat it everytime I can, cinema has no lang borders, it is itself an unique lang so I don't understand why some just avoid seeing movies in more than two langs, for example English and Polish - like some of my mates.
In 2009, there just one Nepali movies was produced.

Itself kind of new, bit weird experience, Batomuniko Phool is a youth romanctic drama. Suicide, eloping, rape... Pretty much everything that can happend to an average teenager is a movie.

Splendid - Antarmahal (2005)

EKKK abhi baki hai!

My third Bengali movie, if Mr & Mrs Iyer count. If not, than third after two movies from the Goophy Bhaga series.

I heard about Antarmahal just by accident. I had no idea that Abhished Bachchan or Soha Ali Khan ever acted in a bengali movie!

The movie is about woman, second wife of a man who is desperate for a heir to his fortune. She is young, and when a sulpturer to make a statue of a godess arrives, she doesn't really know whom she is.


(Ek) Khiladi Ki Kahani part 12 - Hera Pheri!

Or salute the greatfulness of Akshay's stubble.

(Ek) Khiladi Ki Kahani part 11 - Andaaz!

That was so '90! Lara vs Priyanka - in real life I would chose... Deepika Padukone? But seriously, none. Frankly, I prefer Lara. Why? She seems more pleasant, on screen she is more likeable and even when Priyanka Chopra get National Awards and everybody who didn't liked her are like 'OMG, she can act'... Maybe Lara's nose is a gift from plastic surgeon not nature and she can be so bad at times, for example in Billu she was really nice. And the only special thing Priyanka did in Fashion was taking drugs. And realiseing how fucked her life is when she woke up and saw black man in bed with her. Hell Yeah.

(Ek) Khiladi Ki Kahani part 10 - 8 X 10 Tasveer!

Defenitely it's been a long time since I saw a movie so messed up. Akshay, pretty used to double acts (:P), was good and apart of him, there's only Sharmila Tagore.


(Ek) Khiladi Ki Kahani part * - Thank You!

From time to time, I prefer brainless kovie aver anything else. Thank You is a slapstick comedy. No depth in characters and stuff. But I like it thais way. And frankly - from all genres (so-called cause I don't really belive in them, same thing with langs in cinema but about this maybe in some other post, alter :)) I love comedies the most.
I really don't get all these drama stuff, thillers doesn't thrill me, love works rarely... I grew up on laugh riots and I think that making a good comedy, not stupid and not too dramatic is an art.

Thank You is funny. I liked the main plot - wives who wants to take a revange on their husbands, more or less. With a little help from a mysterious man.

(Ek) Khiladi Ki Kahani part 9 - Bhagam Bhag!

I enjoyed it just a little. Why? Because even if Lara and Akshay aren't bad together, the story was twisted and filmed in the usual, boring style.


(Ek) Khiladi Ki Kahani part 8 - Awara Paagal Deewana!

Remake of that Hollywood movie with Bruce Willis, right? I remember seeing the original long ago, when I was in primary school. My brother bought the dvd because TESCO did that 'buy one, get another for free' thing, and he wanted to own Traffic and since you can't be choosy when it comes to dvds in supermarkets, he got that movie just to get the bargain. Both of the movies were worth it, to be honest.
Akshay Kumar was awesomeeeeeee as an gangster. (I know that all of my reviews in EKKK week are rubbish because I rather keep on praising Akshay than anyting else :P). His sideburns... Aaah. I am a sucker for good-looking guys with sideburs, like David Tennant or Benedict Cumberbatch ;)

Amore Saawariya - LOL.

(Ek) Khiladi Ki Kahani part 7 - Khiladi 420!

I started watching the so-called Khiladi series from the end. That is Khiladi 420, not Khiladi at first, and so on. I finished with Khiladiyon Ka Khiladi. Erm, I like it this way. At first I am confused, then with every previous movie I watch, things start working in my head. (I am sometimes afraid of how much time I spend of wondering about movie plots. Waste of time, but how fun! ;))

(Ek) Khiladi Ki Kahani part 6 - International Khiladi!

Twinkle and Akshay. I often wonder how does she liked her name when she was in school. Anyways, International Khiladi is a messy movie. I couldn't eat while watching because everytime I did, I had to repeat the previous scene. And this is not a joke :P


(Ek) Khiladi Ki Kahani part 5 - Mr. and Mrs. Khiladi!

Oh, it was baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad.

(Ek) Khiladi Ki Kahani part 4 - Khiladiyon Ka Khiladi!

Well... I've never been a big of Rekha, maybe because I haven't seen much movies with her. Her kannada debut is weird as I couldn't recognise her anywhere there.
Nevermind, Khiladiyon Ka Khiladi is actually pretty entertaning. Raveena is not one of my favorite girls either but who cares when there's Akshay :D

My Cinematic Alphabet

Another post written because of Limette ;)
It is so hard to do! Because there are letters which represent like 10 great movie and some are rare and I can't find a single, good movie starting with it.
So... I decded to go with more than one movie for some letter, pardon me that. And I am sure that 80% of readers don't know every single movie at this list so it variety is with a profit to you, I think :)


(Ek) Khiladi Ki Kahani part 3 - Sabse Bada Khiladi!

Oh, I didn't liked it. After watching so many SI flicks I am used to moustache (yeah, joke) and it wasn't a big deal for me. (Yet I still prefer Akki with lovely stubble ;D).
The plot... was unbearable. Once girl kills a guy, then she dumps her bad, bad boyfriend who made her do this so she starts liking her dead husband lookalike who is set for a revenge?
And they dance to hindi version of Mukkala? Rubbish!

Tumblr invitation

I am on tumblr. As NazwiskoToNieImie (English: SurnameIsNotaName).

And despite me wanting this place being Indian-free (I was trying to get a life), I ended up doing plenty of bolly gifs.

So... Check this place out. And yes, I am like famous there. Every posts of mine has quite few notes and it is always nice to recive really encouraging messages there :) Like always. My low self-esteem needs care.

Quite recently, I've posted whole lot of Akki gifs so... that makes it rather connected to this week thing going on here :)

(Ek) Khiladi Ki Kahani part 2 - Main Khiladi Tu Anari!

Defenitely my favest movie from the "Khiladi series". Truly awesome!
Saif and Akshay made one of the best on-screen jodis ever ;) And they didn't really changed since then. Saif is still anari and Akshay khiladi.

Une admiration beate



Next Kamal Hassan or Chiranjeevi? Being a star. Super Star.

To be honest, ever since I started watching Indian movies really seriously, I loved SRK. I thought I will never stop liking him so much but... After three years, he's easily one of these guys whom I like, I can watch a movie or two but I'll never dedicate to them more than one or two, at least, posts in a week.

I like many, many actors, to be honest. It's easier to me to say whom I dislike than whom I adore. Down South, in Bollywood, even when it comes to my very own Polish cinema or English movies - no matter where, I always respect people who made it big in film industry. My brother, movie director, hates actors and always provides us some scary, disgusting or riddculous stories. Yeah, I think that actors are far much standable on-screen than off-screen, but there are some people which are special.

Actors which aren't just a sparkling stardust but king size super stars on the sky of acting glory. Who are special, who aren't acting in real life (that's the worst thing!), who still remember their roots and don't think they are "better" in any sense then anyone else.
Who can act, who really care about their fans... True super stars? Possibly.


(Ek) Khiladi Ki Kahani part 0 - intro

Guys, since I saw Patiala House, which is an awesome movie, Akshay Kumar became my hero. Ahh, I liked him a lot in Tashan and Namastey London, Singh is Kinng was funny yet other movies with him never actually convinced me to like him much more than an average actor.

So now, after watching several movies with him, mostly the Khiladi series but not only, I decided to do something as special as "Chiranjeevi's own... A week" but different.

Apparently, I have had probs with blogger recently and I wanted to post this during my usual Monday internet break (as some maybe noticed, I am online only three times a week :)), but... [#$%^&^%$#%^&] I couldn't.
Plus I don't know if this week will take week. Maybe longer! And I'll be rather private. And I will post some non-Akki-related stuff too.

Wait and see!

Shakthi (2011) - ups and downs

NTR Jr again with Meher Ramesh. I liked KaNTRi, music by Mani garu isn't bad, but... how's the movie?

- NTR's performance. He is really good, even though his first character is quite same as the one in KaNTRi, even his clothes are similar. I liked him in the flashback sequence, of course he has the best dialogue delivery in Tollywood right now, but somehow I would like him to experiment a bit with it... Anyways, it is a solid performance. Made me, literally, finish watching this film.
- Sonu Sood, Manjari, Ali, Prabhu... And I have no idea who was the swami guy (Nasser?). This queen woman was nice. Good ensemble cast.
- I don't love you. Hahaha, one of my favest scenes in this movie.
- Visuals - climax! Very good.
- And preinterval 'like a boss' action scene - wooow, that was a twist :D One of the very moments that made me feel something other than counting how much till time the end.

- Lack of overally needed care.
- Ileana! I don't like her, it is clear. She is everything but an actress to me. Defenitely somebody else could do a better job here, even with such relatively dumb and hopeless character. With Haritha's voice, and it makes her ever more irritating for me.
- Videos. Music (review) is quite good, but videos, no matter how amazing Tarak's dance is, were boring for me. My favorite song, Mathileka Pichiga, is ruinded by an awful video (sorry). Choreography is not bad when it comes to Tarak alone, but overally it is defenitely not as impressive as I expected. Ileana does the same hip movement all the time.
For sure Yamaga Unde is the best video. For me. Even costumes looks (at least then!) beautifully. Prema Desam is pleasant.
- Egypt in India? Meh? Sword thing just like in the tales about King Arthur?
Even after ignoring this, I find overall story not convincing at all. It is repeating certain cliches in every scene. Personally I couldn't stand first half, it was rather boring. Comedy? Yeah. Second half is way better for me, yet I can't help seeing "references" to some recent blockbusters.
I think that despite the hype, the months of making etc - Shakthi is rather average. But don't listen to me. I think that Magadheera is rather average too, despite VFX whateva.

Pardon this shallow and dumb review please...

Rate - 3 (damn, telugu critics' favorite rate...)
VM - 50%

Mini revies (again again again...)

No smoking - weird... I don't think I will ever smoke a cigarette in my life but it has more to do with my attitude than this movie.

Karthik calling Karthik - could be so much better. And Deepika bit failed.

Dus Kahaniyaan - kind of different... Defenitely not as good as Kerala Cafe.

Seedan - nice one, but without 'pierdolnięcie'.

Sajni - aww, Sharmila is sooo cute!

Yamala pagla deewana - I was suprised that it was actualy funny :P

Na tum na jano hum - very, very emo movie. Nice Esha and Hrithik-Saif gay acts xD

Jo jeetha wohi sikander - I saw telugu remake before so obviously it was bit boring.

Cheeni Kum - very, very, very, very __________________________.

Bheja Fry - liked it a lot.

Stupid faces of Indian Cinema IV

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