(Ek) Khiladi Ki Kahani part 14 - Chandini Chowk to China!

I don't find this one so awful as many whom I know did. It's not much good but defenitely less awful than Andaaz for example.

What is liked was... Akki, Tere Naina, title song, tv shopping thing.

And overally the plot was clear yet the same mistake as with Kites was made - the story is rather non-Indian if you know what I mean. All that Chinease stuff, despite how much I respect China, is messed up and I was pretty confused after watching - "what was the movie about?".

I love Tere Naina, that moment is short but beautiful. And bit hillarious, too. The song is just lovely.

That kung fu thing... I often wonder if learning this martial art won't help my mental health.

Deepika was decent, I find her portrayal of Suzy bit shallow. Cause she was just fighting and looking like some kind of Matrix Geisha.

I feel so while looking at Akshay. Awkward!

And that scene with Chura Ke Dil Mera... LMAO.

Overally, it wasn't so bad.

Rate - 2
VM - 50%

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