Seventh BLOGUE - the lucky one? I hope so!

Well, well - two cooperative teammates makes me work so fast. And few school-free days also matters :)

This issue is epic not only because it looks relatively good but also because it's the first issue with our new team member, Prathna! She became the editor, while I am more or less the one who does everything expect special pieces by Githa - obviously she's the feature writer :)

Prathna is also on cover cause she's the special blogger guest this month. And she has two covers. Ye? One is crazy, other is plain. I relesed the colorful one at first then she asked me for something plainer. Her wish was my command so the cover which actually appears in the .pdf file is the simple one, back one is that first one. And personally? I think both are awesome, some serious editing from me.

Only 16 pages. The underrated previous issue has more pages but they weren't actually "interactive" so... Anyways, I think you are quite used to BLOGUE being thin. I like to call it compact, though. But - I promise. The 10th issue will be HUGE. Two bloggers and one, big suprise!

And hey, I've noticed an awful lack of feedback on BLOGUE lately. What happend? Let's fix it!

So... Enjoy!

all prev issues here and here

1 comment:

  1. Great issue, even though it's not as big as usually (I mean, doesn't have as many pages).
    I like your new layout, it looks quite professional!


Thanks! Can u do this more often?

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