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My 900th Indian movie watched - Prema Nagar (1971)

This time, as I am usually much more into recent movies than classics, I chosed a legendary romance starring the great ANR and Vanishree. Why this one? I really don't know. Probably because of that I like classics most of the time plus ANR is much more my man, I think, than NTR.

Previous centuries - 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th,7th,8th.
I am sorry for not updating this list. One day I'll do it, give me some time.


Why I am so interested in Indian cinema?

I have no idea how many times I heard many variations of still the same question: Why you, Polish chick, care about movies made somewhere you have never been in your life? Why?

Nagarjuna would shout YE?! but I'll simply explain this matter to you :)


SI music reccommendations for @TheMasakkali! Part I

My new lovely twitter buddy, music lover that wants to get to know some great songs. So... That's why this post. Hope you don't mind.
I am shitty when it comes to writing about music, really, I always end up writing about movies than it's OSTs, so pardon me that. And this one is chaotic. Hope the next part will be better.

As SI cinema is parted into 4 four industries, one for each state and lang. Telugu, Tamil, Kannada and Malayalam. Some of India's greatest talents hails from there, like Rahman or Ilayaraja or Keeravani.

Among all these four langs, I don't have my favorite. I used to think that Kannada is ugly but... That view of mine changed when I heard some songs which lyrics were written in a way that changed my opinion. Like Chalisuva Cheluve or Nadheem Dheem Thana.
The hardest South lang to sing is is defenitely Malayalam but it does not stop Udit Narayan or some other North guys sing some Telugu or Tamil songs in a way that it doesn't really sound like this lang. And I don't mean it in a good way.

My first Tamil OST I ever heard was the one by Harri Jayaraj for Goutham Menon's Vaaranam Aayiram. I heard it even before watching the movie, thanks to ApunBindaas :)
I don't remember which Telugu album was my first. Probably Pokiri as it was my first Telugu movie. I saw it in cinema, it was awesome!
Malayalam or Kannada? No idea.

There is one thing I hate about South Indian music - it's sometimes so underrated.

Mass or class? Who cares. I adore Vijay Anthony, whose kuthu or whateva numbers are really catchy for me, but AR Rahman is my fave too.

I can't list my favorite South composers. That list would be a) long b) shallow c) I don't like most of composers completely, like, for example, Yuvan Shankar Raja, only some of his albums appeals to me d) because of my low self-esteem I think all such lists by me will be shitty e) my taste is eclectic and weird f) I hate music remakes! Any everybody does that...
I will just write a bit about people that matters in all these woods, mention some songs - google them of play the video :) Next post will be a continuation of my coposers ramblings, ma ybe I'll start talking about singers :)

Une admiration beate


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