My 900th Indian movie watched - Prema Nagar (1971)

This time, as I am usually much more into recent movies than classics, I chosed a legendary romance starring the great ANR and Vanishree. Why this one? I really don't know. Probably because of that I like classics most of the time plus ANR is much more my man, I think, than NTR.

Previous centuries - 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th,7th,8th.
I am sorry for not updating this list. One day I'll do it, give me some time.

This movie hasn't got a complicated storyline, it's rather simple but what is special about it doesn't really lies in it's script. I loved ANRs drunk acts, ah that Devadas line!, and Vanishree was stunning. I don't know what all these old heroines had in them but all of them (all I know) are so full of grace and everything else. Sneha's recent photoshoot where she was styled as some retro dream girl proved to me that not many of today stars would be able to pull it off 40 years before their times.
I liked romances. Not many of them as actually appealing to me, but when I like some flick, you can be sure it is awesome - I am very choosy about the movies I like :D Not about the ones I watch cause I belive that even in the worst crap there may be something interesting, like one scene or some song, but when it comes to movies I can rewatch one day, they are not many of them. Rather few than lots.

This is a story of two lovers that are madly in love with each other but certain circumstances like the hero's mom or the fact that the girl is not so wealthy makes them part ways, despite the fact that the girl changed her man from happy-go-lucky guy who likes alcohol and girls into a nice guy. Will they unite?

I liked all of songs. And the climax. It's good but may seem cliched for some. Not for me ;)

Prema Nagar was remaked into some langs, I don't think I will like the remakes. Yeah, Prema Nagar is 40 years old and some things may be funny now, but still it is great. Watch it only if you can :) It's avalible on YT but I don't think it is subtitled, sadly.

Rate - 5(-)
VM - 100%


  1. You did it again - 900! And I'm still on the edge of 200 (I think it's 180 now).


Thanks! Can u do this more often?

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