WOW, 10th issue already! Thanks for making it big guys, thanks to all bloggers and readers!

This issue has everybody once again featured plus regular bloggers feature, this time double, and other stuff rather doubled too.

This time you can't download it, sorry. But this is just an experiment, as I want to know how many people read BLOGUE. As it will be published online only, on Issuu, I will know the exact number of views and after crossing 1000, I'll make it downloable.

Have a good read then!



  1. Great issue, always a pleasure to read Blogue. I like this distribution format better than the download, it's easier to get to and easier to read, just great. Thanks!

  2. Lou! I loved this issue! Your interview questions are so fun. And I agree with theBollywoodFan above, this format was so much easier to read and much better than downloading! Can you use this all the time? :-)

  3. Already read. A great issue! Hope there will be many more issues to come!

  4. Grrrreat one. lou. Somehow I managed and read it, Fab read.
    btw, the part i loved most was, your words about each blogger. a small para. :)


Thanks! Can u do this more often?

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