5 reasons why I don't want to watch my 1000th Indian movie

1. What next?
I mean it will be quite an achivment. And I'll lose the whole motivation, the kick from being Polish girl who watched nearly 1000 to some rubbish expert that watched more than this.

2. No more good movies!
Even now it's hard to amaze me, much much harder than 400 movies ago.
And I will run out of movies one day... Like I don't have much movies with my fav actors and actresses to watch.

3. Boredom.
To be frank, I rarely watch a movie that is completely free of cliches or/and it uses it in cool, new way. Honestly, most of Indian filmmakers just don't like to experiment.
It's like this not only in India though.

4. I still know nothing.
Yeah. I know nothing about movies. It makes me sad that probably I will never know much and people will see first a gori in me, then a fellow fan.

5. Not much time for that...
Well, this is not a reason that is my fault. Seriously, month of holidays and I don't think if I watched more than 10 new movies since end of school?
Sad but true.


  1. Must say that you surprised me with this post... But maybe I'll think the same, if I (ever) get to the point where you are. However, I'm sure you will sometime watch your 1000st movie.
    Actually, I haven't seen a single Indian movie since the holidays started. Well, might be because I've been outside the country, though.

  2. I have to time for anything this holidays :(


Thanks! Can u do this more often?

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