Another reason why I don't get the point of Daboo Ratnani's calendar.

Asin photo from the 2011 edition has been doing rounds in my circle of friends during January. Most if them didn't liked it, me neither. And as I was browsing google today to find some Sonali Bendre pictures (yeah, over 800 on my herddrive is not that much:P), I found this:

It's also clicked by Daboo.
Now compare to the Asin one.

Get some inspiration, man!


  1. I forgot how hot Sonali once was. I think Asin's hot, but whether she has the acting chops Sonali has is up for question...

  2. She does not :P
    BTW sorry for not reading your blog these days, I am just very busy.


Thanks! Can u do this more often?

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