Four movies you must watch, trust me.

Broker  - RP Patnaik made the music, script, story and directed the whole thing, and also plaed the lead character of Ganapathi.
Two things I didn't liked - weird comedy track and item numbers - commercial elements not needed in this movie cause it's pretty known that social issues-related movies won't get too much recognition or make much money. Yeah, Tagore. But how commercial this movie was, comparing it to the tamil original.
I liked the amazingly gripping plot. And Srihari - he was awesome, as usual!
Kudos to RP Patnaik! Watch this now, I am telling you.

Elsamma Enna Aankutty - my new favorite malayalam movie!
Loved how strong the lead character of Elsa was. And songs are great. And story was great. Liked that cute romance plot :) Only that Sherin girl annoyed me a lot, but I guess it was the purpose of her character. Kunchako Boban was adorabs.

Lavakusa - classic! NTR was such a splendid actor. I realised it only after watching some of his classic mythological movies like this one. Bobilli Puli, for example, was pretty bad.

Mynaa - NOW!!!! I rewatched it like 1000 times.


  1. I really liked Elsamma too. :)
    Have been meaning to watch Mynaa.. need to find time. :)

  2. if you can watch
    for excellent mythological acting by NTR.
    His dana veera sura karna has him acting 5 roles

    There is a nice story behind the above movie. Krishna who was a big hero by that time but was only successfull in social wanted to do a magnum opus kurukshetra, (with the same story as above - kurukshetra was the place where the mahabharata war took place and karna was a main charecter in the war). So he assembled the cast which usually does mythologicals for NTR and started filming. NTR independently wanted to do the same story, but learnt later that krishna had already started the movie. So NTR decided that he didnt care about krishna and finished his movie in record number of days. Both released at around the same time. NTR's karna even today is one of the biggest industry hit while krishna's kurukshetra sank without a trace and krishna could never fulfil his wish of becoming a mythological star.

    Also in social movies, please watch NTR in black and white. Most of his colour social movies carry his star status.
    You might want to watch missamma, gundamma katha, pelli chesi chudu for some light hearted comedy.

    There is a back ground behind that as well. Initially NTR was a hit as a social star while ANR was a mythological hero and both wanted to become the opposite. Over a period of ten years, they were both successfull in that!

  3. meenakaran - watch Mynaa, it's great.

    Thanks for the reccomendations, Mayabazar :)


Thanks! Can u do this more often?

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