New (or at least recent) tamil (one bilingual) releases.

Kanden - finally Shantanoo started acting. Loved this movie! Maybe it's pretty weak in terms of story telling but... Do I care? ;)

Venghai - Hari is a good director, yet sometimes I just don't like his movies. Like I liked Thamizh or Saamy but Vel or Aaru? No way. This movie, despite great Dhanush and Prakash Raj plus great second song - that one by Karthik, hasn't impressed me. And you know that I don't like Tamanna at all.

Bhavani - badass Sneha. Well... everything in this movie could be better.

180 - great visuals, lack of gripping plot. Great acting by leading ladies.

Avan Ivan - I really liked it! Despite my dear Githa's rather not favourable review, I find this movie really entertaining and touching. Good music. Surya SA was dissapointing though. Vishal - damn, I bet he totally made

Deiva Thirumagal - very good! Amazing! I agree that last hour was dragging, but all performances by the lead (and supporting to, of course) cast were splendid. Comedy was also good. And the ending... I loved the original, so big thumbs up for Vijay as he "adapted" the story well :)

Thambikottai - Poonam is one of my favorite girls, really. Narain is cool too, yet this movie... Wasn't that good. Meera was OK but her character was lacking substance (yay, it's weird - I sound like some masala-brained critic...)


  1. hey how did u get to watch deiva thirumagal.. not fair.. ;)

  2. amazing, were you able to enjoy avan ivan?? its all about local lingo(language) and nativity !!


Thanks! Can u do this more often?

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