Random thoughts after watching Force trailer

Watch the trailer first, then read my ramblings.

1. Kaaka Kaaka forever and the dwo days after that. Surya totally changed his fate after that movie and earlier Nanda. Which watching made Jyothika recomend Surya to the director, and then, while shooting, they felt in love with each other. And had to wait 5 years (yes! Surya narrated the whole story in some talk show.) for their parents to agree for them to marry. Today they have two cute children and are perfect :)

2. John is running with nakes chest in order to distract us, as he thinks he may not be as good as Surya (or even Venky) have been so we may stop coparing Force to KK or him to Surya for a moment and he hopes that we will not thing again about comparing till the ending credits, as he's finally wearing shirt in the climax, or, I wish! (just kidding), in bloopers.

3. Genelia d'Souza looks rather 'oh this is so boring' while some rather "bold" scenes. I like her a lot, I think her image of happy-go-lucky Hasini is making damage to her since years. In Urumi or Katha she totally proved herself, but she is still being terribly underrated. Sigh, Sonakshi or Katrina are totally overrated, signing movie after movie, while sheer talents like Gen or Anushka Sharma are black PRed and all they has are poor, boring bloggers like me complaining whenever they have time.
It's good that Asin is not playing the female lead again, she ruined it in Garshana.
BTW Gen is better in the Asin maneouvre than Asin. #dealwithit

4. Uyrin Uyire in hindi? Erm. This melody is epic, but pretty 2004... Javed Akhtar - please make this a good one. Telugu version is a fail already.
Harris actually composed the whole OST, let's hear, as it will release soon, I hope, how many songs he remaked. Like... I don't know. Imagine Ennamo Aedho in hindi. Ugh. Or Sydney Nagaram. Fuuu! Even Manasa. Or Ennanbe Naalu... Mudhal Mazhai Enai! Orugalluke Pilla! OK, I'll stop now, sorry for your minute mind nightmare.
He once scored hindi remake of Minnale in hindi. It flopped, badly, yet everytime I read anything about that failure, there's always written that the music was widely appreciated. So maybe this time Harris Jeyaraj will catch some hindi offers? Maybe. I don't like him much. None of is albums are good from the first track to BGM, apart from Vaaranam Aayiram. Even in KK I found songs that I don't like.

It's a @#%^&*(*&^%$# that he's not directing this one.

6. Action - running with naked chest (why? - read 2.), guns (fuuu the poster, I disliked the concept), breaking glass and falling 'intru da window' injection dialogues... Will the good vs bad tension, so awesome in KK, be present?

7. Come on, tatoo? Is that some latest trend for leading actors to fake tatoos to make characters seem real or whatever? Maybe I am exaggerating a bit, but I don't like tatoos at all. Priya Anand tatoos are OK, cause they are really clever and pretty awesome too, small and stuff. And as much as I like Vikram or Mumaith Khan, their body art is just... ewww.

8. Where's the villain? And what is Raj Babbar doing there?

9. Ending. I need a clue if it's hardcore and perfect as in tamil or happy and wtf as in telugu. Watched some gossip video on YT recently that they opted for the light version. It's funny how Gautham Sir always changes the climax to happy ending from kick-ass soul-wrenching bliss for his sado-maso fans (I may say followers, because liking Gautham sir is sometimes likef wearing a tshirt 'I hate GLBT' in Berlin, he's so different that all tamil directors). Telugu audience is weird, but I still like AP a lot. Telugu movie can be so good and even riddiculously bad but this makes some of them even more enjoyable.
As VTV remake with 'so 90' title is progressing, I wonder if Gautham sir will be respected in Bollywood. I guess not cause I have a feeling that Prem Katha will flop. Yeah. I think Prateik is nowhere near Simbu as I find all of his performances same, and Amy... Come, on.
Garshana is a movie that mixed BO report is striking. Venky blance between family and action with ease, but some accepted light Kaaka Kaaka in Telugu and some said it was a miss for Venky. I don't like him remaking movies, it's always rather harmful to him than actually cool.
Kannada industry released the sandalwood remake recently, with Ramya/Divya. Dunno about it's fate.

10. The guy who shot JBJ, Ayananka Bose, is the cinematographer of this one! *happy dance*

11. Art director - wish it's the same guy who make this gorgeous set of that Maya house.

12. Bosco-Cesar choreographed songs so... The next Chori Bazaari or the next Zoobi Doobi?
I can't imagine Uyirin Uyire with their moves.

13. Hey. I don't like remakes. Read my guide how to remake movies. Wish some Indian filmmakers would read that post, badly.

14. Item. Number.
Ramya, the queen, danced in KK, Yana Gupta tried to repeat the magic in Garshana (and failed). Will the item number be here? And who will be that girl? Or maye it'll be a man? You know, I really liked that male experiment last year in Telugu. Some critics and viewers bashed it but... Change is always a good thing.

15. WOW, the car sequence! Looking forward to watching it.

16. That shout. I guess it's not the one of that twist ones.

17. No matter what, I am totally waiting for this one. Seriously. John can be a good actor and so Genelia, wonder about their chemistry but I wish them & the movie all the best :)

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  1. I agree with you regarding Genelia. The girl is a serious actress. I really think that most audiences stereotyped her as innocent actress (Bommarillu) and bubbly because of Jaane tu. I can't blame them because she's so good in those movies. She has done serious roles pre-Jaane Tu and I have to agree that she's so underrated. I just hate some of her South films because of the dubbing. I think Genelia should choose the right kind of roles for her in the future. The thing is, some of the bad actresses in India were given good chances to pair with popular actors. Some performances were so overrated because of box office success. It's unfair but that's true


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