This is my amazing wall

Rocks, na? ;)

Well, this is my wall of cool stuff. There are things that shouldn't be there, like lots of SRK, and stuff I always forgot to paste there, like my favorite bands. Guess the space left it little ;)
There's Bollywood, Tollywood, Kollywood etc. - lots of Indian Cinema-related stuff, in genelar. But also there's a Doctor Who poster, toy TARDIS, two Keep Calm posters - one with Ian Somerhalder and another with Benedict Cumberbatch. Plus they are also somewhere else. I have two little poscards with "vintage" educational Indian posters, they are great.
You may ask why Leonardo? It's one of my fav paintings and I also joke alot that Cecilia's my bro girlfriend xD Cinema Paradiso - easily one of the best movies ever made.
Near Malaika and that 'Save the planet, Kill yourself' thing, there's a cute postcard with Sonali dancing with Govinda, my sis bought me this one.
In the middle, there's a lovely ad for some Indian clothing company. I adore it, though I have no idea about the company at all xD It's great and cheers me up sometimes.
That paper with written Surya, Vishal, Prabhas, Mahesh, NTR Jr on it, is pretty old. Two, three years since it's on my wall. Sometimes, when I get a superb idea, I write it down on it :)
And yeah, I hate Fashion but I love the poster designs and that two litte posters were a gift from my sis.
It's above my bed, I fall asleep while looking at it, like a boss.

How do you like it? :) For me it's splendid :D

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  1. Looks good! I've always loved collages - especially when they're given the personal touch! I saw the collage of pictures Manu made Tanu in Tanu Weds Manu... my heart skipped a beat I tell you...


Thanks! Can u do this more often?

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