3 mini movie reviews + one mini music review

First the music review - Dhookudu! After cool songs for rather bad movie, I mean Khaleja, I was expecting something nice from Thaman S, as Dhukudu is one of the very few Mahesh movies without Mani Sharma music.
Well, last year was great for Thaman but in 2011... I didn't liked much any of his albums, even Vandhaan Vendraan. Kandireega was just OK, Mirapakai was awful. I miss OSTs like Eeram, Brindavanam or Ragada. Guess 2011 it's not Thaman's best year...
The only song I really liked is the title one, rest is passable.

And now, films :)

Kandireega - so fun! Guess I haven't seen a good mass movie in a while, but this one is good. Sonu Sood is a scene stealer! Only the dubbing... Second half is better, and Hansika was slightly less annoying. Ram rocks.

10th Class - wanted to watch something with Sunaina after her tamil debut. Sharvanand was credited Bharat? WTF. Overally, veeery "vintage" movie. Funny if with Rajni Filter.

Chillar Party - so cool!! Loved it!


Complete waste of... everything - Veera (2011)

I watched this one only because I was bit bored and most of masala flicks enables me to switch off my brain for like 2h, so I watched Veera. Exept movies like Neninthe, Ravi Teja's movies are damn repetitive. I can watch them with my eyes closed and still know what's happening.

Veera is a movie that has crappy mass songs, one probably badass heroine (come on, Kajal?? She can play dumb princess, not a kabbadi player!), cool yet rather dissappering second heroine, creepy villains, annoying comedy... And a hero, who can do everything except the stuff only Rajni can do.
Ain't good this movie is, watch it only if you like feel brain-screwed. I did. After watching. Ouch.
And that song, with Taapsee, for example, singing in toilet or wearing fugly wigs...



Hey there. My name is Sarah and I was hoping for some advice. I could really do with a list of films that have romantic jealousy as a theme within the film. I've never seen a Bollywood film and I was hoping to do something for my degree. Haven't got a clue where to start looking. If you could suggest any films or websites or anything to help me, that would be amazing.

Great blog by the way xx

Right now, I have no idea. Any help guys?

I knwo movies that have jealouse as a one of light themes, like Dev D, I can't find in my head a movie completely about jealousy... Probably there's something malayalam from the golder era...

Taapsee appreciation post

Samantha appreciation post


Mini reviews.

Lion of Punjab - I wanted to watch some straight punjabi movie but this one turned out to be just a remake. Remake of one of my fav Vikram movies, Dhool. It was very much like the tamil original, frame-to-frame. I detested the lead heroine, she was defenitely unimpressive. The second one was fun, and her songs were awesome. The last one, with chorus - "I am fine as Kareena, but you are no where close to Saif". And one thing - that guy in lead can dance!

Christian Brothers - Mohanlal to the rescue 24/7. 3 hours, loved Dileep in it.

404 Error Not Found - pretty weird...

Shaitan - reminds me that movie with Keira Knightley. Kalki rocks.

Hududga Hudugi - Johared! Lots of "hot" ladies in the cast, though. Ileana, Lekha, Anitha, Sada...

Tera Mera Saath Rahen - nice one, Sonali did a great job.

Kannodu Kaanbathellam - I expected something usual, yet it was good. Watched all that southies with Sonali, I feel proud :D Mission accomplished!


Dhada music review

on a request :) BTW big hug for Ashok for everything!

DSP is not a bad compositor but somehow he just stopped evolving.
And the amount of songs he is used to remade from himself - almost every hit or underrated song, from Ringa Ringa to Manmadhuda.

Any idea about this magazine?

 Apparently it's entitled Starz so I guess it's somehow a continuation of Maa Stars? Maa Stars wasn't a bad magazine, maybe somehow different than, for example South Scope or Galatta... (All three were analised here on my blog and I even posted some scans :))
Layout is similar, even photoshoots. Just can't find any info about this thing online, just one issue with two lang versions.

Liked that Kajal cover, it's nice. Shame I can't read telugu xD
Why is Rana in every possible magazine these day? Really annoying, sorry. I don't find anything special about him, sorry.

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