3 mini movie reviews + one mini music review

First the music review - Dhookudu! After cool songs for rather bad movie, I mean Khaleja, I was expecting something nice from Thaman S, as Dhukudu is one of the very few Mahesh movies without Mani Sharma music.
Well, last year was great for Thaman but in 2011... I didn't liked much any of his albums, even Vandhaan Vendraan. Kandireega was just OK, Mirapakai was awful. I miss OSTs like Eeram, Brindavanam or Ragada. Guess 2011 it's not Thaman's best year...
The only song I really liked is the title one, rest is passable.

And now, films :)

Kandireega - so fun! Guess I haven't seen a good mass movie in a while, but this one is good. Sonu Sood is a scene stealer! Only the dubbing... Second half is better, and Hansika was slightly less annoying. Ram rocks.

10th Class - wanted to watch something with Sunaina after her tamil debut. Sharvanand was credited Bharat? WTF. Overally, veeery "vintage" movie. Funny if with Rajni Filter.

Chillar Party - so cool!! Loved it!

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  1. I'm excited for "Chillar Party" - wasn't blown away by the trailer, but then suddenly everyone loved it!


Thanks! Can u do this more often?

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