Complete waste of... everything - Veera (2011)

I watched this one only because I was bit bored and most of masala flicks enables me to switch off my brain for like 2h, so I watched Veera. Exept movies like Neninthe, Ravi Teja's movies are damn repetitive. I can watch them with my eyes closed and still know what's happening.

Veera is a movie that has crappy mass songs, one probably badass heroine (come on, Kajal?? She can play dumb princess, not a kabbadi player!), cool yet rather dissappering second heroine, creepy villains, annoying comedy... And a hero, who can do everything except the stuff only Rajni can do.
Ain't good this movie is, watch it only if you like feel brain-screwed. I did. After watching. Ouch.
And that song, with Taapsee, for example, singing in toilet or wearing fugly wigs...

Rate - 0,3
VM - 25%

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