Mini reviews.

Lion of Punjab - I wanted to watch some straight punjabi movie but this one turned out to be just a remake. Remake of one of my fav Vikram movies, Dhool. It was very much like the tamil original, frame-to-frame. I detested the lead heroine, she was defenitely unimpressive. The second one was fun, and her songs were awesome. The last one, with chorus - "I am fine as Kareena, but you are no where close to Saif". And one thing - that guy in lead can dance!

Christian Brothers - Mohanlal to the rescue 24/7. 3 hours, loved Dileep in it.

404 Error Not Found - pretty weird...

Shaitan - reminds me that movie with Keira Knightley. Kalki rocks.

Hududga Hudugi - Johared! Lots of "hot" ladies in the cast, though. Ileana, Lekha, Anitha, Sada...

Tera Mera Saath Rahen - nice one, Sonali did a great job.

Kannodu Kaanbathellam - I expected something usual, yet it was good. Watched all that southies with Sonali, I feel proud :D Mission accomplished!


  1. So you did watch your 1000th Indian film?

  2. Louella any reason you don't leave comments on my blog anymore? You were on the scene around the time I wrote Rating Aur Hating... (I believe I have commented on your blog a fair few times...)

  3. Lime, nope. Noy even 950th. I would have post some review ASAP then.

    The Bolly Hood - I've told you everytime - I AM FUCKING BUSY.


Thanks! Can u do this more often?

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