All the best, Tollywood!

Telugu Film Industry is celebrating today 80th anniversary of the release of Bhakta Prahlada, the first sound movie in Telugu.
Wishing Tollywood happy bday! More Maya Bazars, less Saleems :P

I know all this from my friend's awesome blog :)


Mini reviews!

Money Money More Money - they wanted it to be hillarious, for me it's just riddiculus.

Andamaina Abatham - Raja could be such a fine actor only if he tried to change his image... Suprising number of misc significant telugu character artists aka "that man who shows up is nearly every movie" or "that woman who always play mean aunty".  

Daggaraga Dooranga - I missed Sumanth so much... It's great that he's back. And even better that Vedhika is back in action. I really liked them together! And the movie... sometimes lack logic but cool songs make it up :P  

Danger - messed up. BTW, it's from 2005 and starts people like Swati (yeah!) or Allari Naresh.  

Ullam Ketkumae - one of the best "youth flicks" I even seen.  

Prem Kahani - cute movie but also hard-hitting. Loved the songs.  

Veppam - only first half, somehow I am not able to watch more... Maybe later.  

Bbuddha Hoga Terra Baap - Puri rewaorks his South ways for Bollywood. It's good but despite Big B, it lack some suspence in story. Average.

Hey, isn't Main Chali from Force just a new version of Manasa from Munna?

Yeah, it's slightly modified but still - if mister Jeyaraj would have read my basic guide how to remake movie, he wouldn't do that to Force. I mean to remade every song? Chi.

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