Happy Birthday, dear Masala w Bigosie!

WOW, it's been two years since I started writing this blog... can't believe it! Thank you for the support, dear Readers!


How I met Karthi (and Pranitha. and Raju Sundaram!)

Week ago I was taking a train home while my friend Grus phoned me and said that another Indian movie is being shot in Cracow. I was delighted to hear that now Kollywood tried shooting in Cracow and surprised that no one other than Karthi has came to my town!
Proudly speaking, it is great that three videos for Saguni are picturarised in Poland :) I met Karthi quite near my house, funny that the curch where I was baptised etc is going to appear in a tamil movie, unbeliveable!

I met Karthi, Pranitha and Raju Sundaram. Raju was shocked that I recognized him - I just have a good memory for faces :) Pranitha was extremely sweet and Karthi... uber-cool. I was so fangirling (told him, for example that he made my heart stop etc, really!), and Karthi was like a normal guy to me and my friend, no star issues. Unlike, for example Bachchan saab - I wanted to write something about his recent stay in Cracow but... I was quite dissapointed and opted-out from the idea.
Anyways, I wish that some more movies could be shot here - let Poland be tha new Switzerland! :D

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