Mini set.

Khakee - great music, cruel and naive Ash, stunning Akshay... Well-written and gripping.

Videsh - Preity was a-m-a-z-i-n-g! Love the last 20 minutes.

My Bollywood Bride - at least it wasn't as awful as I expected, watchable but still no good.

Parineeta - classic.

Best of Luck - only Urvasi was worth it.

Haan Maine Pyar Bhi Kiya - ugh, how boring.

Before the Rains - awesome.

Blue - I can write a post titled 'How to make an unwatchable movie with sooper-dooper budget'.

Page 3 - real good!

Barood - pretty epic, in the funny sense :P

Aag - Sonali's debut. She had really short part, and the whole movie was very South.

700th post! Call it a journey, whatever.

Can't belive this! Thank you for being with me and reading my crap.


Eighth BLOGUE!

Beth loves BLOGUE? I hope so :)

Thanks to my team and fetures blogger. I  just want to say that I'll need all these lovely people who ever been in BLOGUE before soon, for something special connected to 10th issue :)

all prev issues here and here


Worst than its silly title - Naughty @ 40 (2011)

I saw this movie only because I was quite curious what will happen to Forty Years Old Virgin when Govinda plays the lead.

Awful things.

Forty Years Old Virgin is like a Mani Ratnam movie and Naughty @ 40 seems to be something smashed by Kjo widely-appreciated genius.


What happend to National Awards?

Yesterday I sat with handy iPad and the news about National Awards for 2010 suprised me. National Awards are like sunshine in Poland - you never know when it happens, but it's a rather rare thing.

I was reading the list of winners peacefully, oh so proud of South Indian industries as it truly ruled this year (again!), and then I saw strange word among familiar ones. Dabangg. I remember watching this movie - I was bored and expected something at least bit better. Post Dabangg bang I am experiencing Sonakshi hiccup - she is everywhere, does she deserves  that?
Back to National Awards, National Award for Best Popular Film Providing Wholesome Entertainment is these days mostly given to movies like Oye Lucky Lucky Oye but 30 years ago, K Viswanath's classic, Sankarabharanam, have won this award.

And there's no comparison between the legend and the... Oh, I don't know what Dabangg is. Nothing good, that is sure.

The funny thing is that National Awards comitee/jury refused to award best movie in Telugu at least few times saying that they are not good enough.

So... Dabangg is better than them? Than Vedam, than Happy Days, than Andari Bhanduvaya, than _____________?
Sorry, no. Not for me. And probably not for 3/4 people who read my blog.

I consider movies awards lame - they are never totally just, as sometimes lobbies work, sometimes my view is different. That's why I think that my very own Bottle Awards rocks - they are mine! ;D

Last five years National Awards used to both amaze and shock. Like Priyamani's award or the ones for Konkona Sen Sharma - truly deserved. But Priyanka Chopra? Saif Ali Khan? Come on...
Sometimes I think that somehow performances like Surya's in VA tend to be not actually recognized nationally.

Anyways, I want to congratulate Dhanush, Saranya and everyone who had won this year! :)


(Ek) Khiladi Ki Kahani part 16 to x - Mr Bond, Yeh Dillagi, Waqt, Mujhse Shaadi Karogi, Sangharsh, Aankhen, Ek Rishtaa, Bhool Bhulaiyaa, Angaaray, Tarazu, Suhaag, Ajnabee...

Yeah, this post will be rather long :) I am totally into Akshay Kumar these days, he's one of the very few reasons which makes me watch Bollywood movies at all, as I prefer less-west infected things like tamil masala or anything so-called regional.


56 'name' songs

Name is a fence and within it you are nameless.  ~Samuli Paronen

Amaluu wrote a similiar post just when I was in the middle of developing one of mine, very similar. So I dropped the idea but the, after some time, I thought - why not?
So... Enjoy some of my most favorite 'name' songs :) The order is quite random. I know even more of them but I've menationed only those I like that much so I don't mind listening to them once while :)

Before seeing what songs I've chosen, I want to share a story about myself. My real-life name is Teresa (actually I dunno why I am using Lou so often but this is a different story), I inherited it after my mom. When I was in kindergarten, a movie entitled Cześć Tereska (English: Hello Tereska; Tereska is a childlish form of Teresa) was realeased and literally it turned my life into a hell. Not the theme (it's about a girl, Teresa, who hails from a poor family and then she starts to drink, take drugs, smoke, prostitute and probably it hasn't got an happy end). Even today, after 10 years. when I introduce myself, most of the people are telling me about that movie. Arghh!
I pity all Sheilas.

Some links are missing, I'll fix that soon.

BLOGUE eighth issue - preview!


Engeyum pudusu? - Engeyum Kadhal (2011)

Why all the love stories must be labeled as innovative? Naaaaaaaaah. Since months (years?) in my life I watched just few romances that were actually innovative. But apart from being different they weren't agressively promoted as such ones (exept for VTV) and they worked because of word of mouth.
Prabhu Deva again proves, this time with his latest Engeyum Kadhal, that without good script he is an irredeemable director. NvNv worked because of new, appealing to AP audience story. Pournami is awful. Shankar Dada Zindabad failed badly, as a remake of Lage Raho Munna Bhai. Villu was a flop too and Wanted was a hit only because the masala stuff in it was sort of new for hindi audience.

Engeyum Kadhal will be remembered only for nice music. And from my side - good-looking Jayam Ravi.

Surprisingly good - 100% Love (2011)

I hardly anticipated this one. Only Githa's tweets made me watch it. And? I would regret not trying this one?

Tamanna (yes, I use the "old" version of her name, I am not able to remember that new one, actually it's bit weird) and Chaittu (that's Naga Chaitanya) - defenitely I don't like them much. Sukumar is someone who made few unlike movies in the past, such as grey-shaded Aarya 2 or Jagadam that pointed out what is appealing in voilence to today's youth.
After I read in the April issue of South Scope that this one is simple, I was puzzled.
And I have to admit - 100% Love only seems simple!


Santosh Sivan's masterpiece - Urumi (2011) review

Before watching this one, I rewatched Asoka like five times. Why? Because it's epic and also period. I was bit worried if Santosh Sivan will fall into some cliches after making one genius movie of such sort before.

And after watching Urumi... Darn! It's too good! Asoka was good but this is even better! (and has no SRK doing his siginificantly annoying gestures and faces :P:P)

Nobody really knows that Vasco Da Gama wasn't only a genius explorer but... he was cruel. And while he is gaining fame in Portugal, one boy grows up. He has golden urumi and wants to take a revenge on him.
But how's that connected to a modern guy that is taken to Kerala from Goa?

Ah, that movie is defenitely one of the best this year, this decade... All of the time.
Why? Let me explain.

Any one missed BLOGUE, the one and only emagazine dedicaTed to bolly bloggers?

Here is a link to download it all, enjoy:

I don't think it was necessary to remake Vedam - Vaanam (2011)

Vedam was alone too good to be even considered to have a remake. But somehow I still watch remakes even if I don't like them at all... But I like Simbu. And Anushka. And Krish is an interesting director too.
I don't think I have to go deep with the plot, let's go straight ahead to the movie itself.

Puri Jagan garu, what you want from us? - Nenu Naa Rakshasi (2011)

I have no idea what to write about this one, apart from saying it was rather very bad. Not even bad that's good, but serious crap.
Even superb Subbaraju or Mumaith Khan won't change my mind.
Thank God - right after this one I saw Urumi and it was like watching TMK and then Sholay.


Seventh BLOGUE - the lucky one? I hope so!

Well, well - two cooperative teammates makes me work so fast. And few school-free days also matters :)

This issue is epic not only because it looks relatively good but also because it's the first issue with our new team member, Prathna! She became the editor, while I am more or less the one who does everything expect special pieces by Githa - obviously she's the feature writer :)

Prathna is also on cover cause she's the special blogger guest this month. And she has two covers. Ye? One is crazy, other is plain. I relesed the colorful one at first then she asked me for something plainer. Her wish was my command so the cover which actually appears in the .pdf file is the simple one, back one is that first one. And personally? I think both are awesome, some serious editing from me.

Only 16 pages. The underrated previous issue has more pages but they weren't actually "interactive" so... Anyways, I think you are quite used to BLOGUE being thin. I like to call it compact, though. But - I promise. The 10th issue will be HUGE. Two bloggers and one, big suprise!

And hey, I've noticed an awful lack of feedback on BLOGUE lately. What happend? Let's fix it!

So... Enjoy!

all prev issues here and here

Three oneliners.

Psycho - uh, erm... fail?

Red Alert - that was good!

Hum Hain Rahi Pyar Ke - nice, bit boring tough.


(Ek) Khiladi Ki Kahani part 15 - Bewafaa!

I have no idea why such movies are being made. So much drama, of course - probably lots of scope for the actors to perform but... Who will watch them actif the whole thing is rather unwatchable?
For me, because I am defenitely not a sucher for drama. I remember my suprise while watching something, long long time ago, while I was just a kid then, a movies without any comedy. Not a sideplot or something, but without any more or less funny scene. I am sucher for nice comedy, not for drama. But when it comes to actors I love, I will watch anything. Even the worst stuff ever made.
Yes, call it dedication but it's kind of stupid tough. Cause a movie like Bewafa is painful to me.

(Ek) Khiladi Ki Kahani part 14 - Chandini Chowk to China!

I don't find this one so awful as many whom I know did. It's not much good but defenitely less awful than Andaaz for example.

(Ek) Khiladi Ki Kahani part 13 - Mohra!

I always wanted to become a police(wo)man but when I grew up a little bit, I realised that this job is much different than I imagined it to be... But still even today I have soft spot for honest policemen in movies. Like Jagapathi Babu in Lakshyam or Akshay Kumar in Main Khiladi Tu Anari.

Mohra is about four people mostly. And frankly, I didn't really cared what Suniel was doing, Akshay was all I cared. Of course, I am joking :P

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