Four movies you must watch, trust me.

Broker  - RP Patnaik made the music, script, story and directed the whole thing, and also plaed the lead character of Ganapathi.
Two things I didn't liked - weird comedy track and item numbers - commercial elements not needed in this movie cause it's pretty known that social issues-related movies won't get too much recognition or make much money. Yeah, Tagore. But how commercial this movie was, comparing it to the tamil original.
I liked the amazingly gripping plot. And Srihari - he was awesome, as usual!
Kudos to RP Patnaik! Watch this now, I am telling you.

Elsamma Enna Aankutty - my new favorite malayalam movie!
Loved how strong the lead character of Elsa was. And songs are great. And story was great. Liked that cute romance plot :) Only that Sherin girl annoyed me a lot, but I guess it was the purpose of her character. Kunchako Boban was adorabs.

Lavakusa - classic! NTR was such a splendid actor. I realised it only after watching some of his classic mythological movies like this one. Bobilli Puli, for example, was pretty bad.

Mynaa - NOW!!!! I rewatched it like 1000 times.

New (or at least recent) tamil (one bilingual) releases.

Kanden - finally Shantanoo started acting. Loved this movie! Maybe it's pretty weak in terms of story telling but... Do I care? ;)

Venghai - Hari is a good director, yet sometimes I just don't like his movies. Like I liked Thamizh or Saamy but Vel or Aaru? No way. This movie, despite great Dhanush and Prakash Raj plus great second song - that one by Karthik, hasn't impressed me. And you know that I don't like Tamanna at all.

Bhavani - badass Sneha. Well... everything in this movie could be better.

180 - great visuals, lack of gripping plot. Great acting by leading ladies.

Avan Ivan - I really liked it! Despite my dear Githa's rather not favourable review, I find this movie really entertaining and touching. Good music. Surya SA was dissapointing though. Vishal - damn, I bet he totally made

Deiva Thirumagal - very good! Amazing! I agree that last hour was dragging, but all performances by the lead (and supporting to, of course) cast were splendid. Comedy was also good. And the ending... I loved the original, so big thumbs up for Vijay as he "adapted" the story well :)

Thambikottai - Poonam is one of my favorite girls, really. Narain is cool too, yet this movie... Wasn't that good. Meera was OK but her character was lacking substance (yay, it's weird - I sound like some masala-brained critic...)


4th Bottle Awards.

You may know my very special and also very own film awards. I give them every 6 months, check winners in the prev editions here.

I am awarding all the movies I saw since December till today. I don't know how many of them I watched... Many, that's sure :) 300? Probably.
I don't care about lang, it just must be Indian, and year - every possible one. 2011 or 1987, I don't care. Good movie is good whether it premiered two moths ago or fourty years ago.
I've shorten the categories a bit.

5 reasons why I don't want to watch my 1000th Indian movie

1. What next?
I mean it will be quite an achivment. And I'll lose the whole motivation, the kick from being Polish girl who watched nearly 1000 to some rubbish expert that watched more than this.

2. No more good movies!
Even now it's hard to amaze me, much much harder than 400 movies ago.
And I will run out of movies one day... Like I don't have much movies with my fav actors and actresses to watch.

3. Boredom.
To be frank, I rarely watch a movie that is completely free of cliches or/and it uses it in cool, new way. Honestly, most of Indian filmmakers just don't like to experiment.
It's like this not only in India though.

4. I still know nothing.
Yeah. I know nothing about movies. It makes me sad that probably I will never know much and people will see first a gori in me, then a fellow fan.

5. Not much time for that...
Well, this is not a reason that is my fault. Seriously, month of holidays and I don't think if I watched more than 10 new movies since end of school?
Sad but true.


Kannada answer for Sheela Ki Jawani...

This sandalwood trend to copy Bollywood is a #fail.
And Ramya... She looks good, but not actually sexy...



WOW, 10th issue already! Thanks for making it big guys, thanks to all bloggers and readers!

This issue has everybody once again featured plus regular bloggers feature, this time double, and other stuff rather doubled too.

This time you can't download it, sorry. But this is just an experiment, as I want to know how many people read BLOGUE. As it will be published online only, on Issuu, I will know the exact number of views and after crossing 1000, I'll make it downloable.

Have a good read then!


This is my amazing wall

Rocks, na? ;)

Well, this is my wall of cool stuff. There are things that shouldn't be there, like lots of SRK, and stuff I always forgot to paste there, like my favorite bands. Guess the space left it little ;)
There's Bollywood, Tollywood, Kollywood etc. - lots of Indian Cinema-related stuff, in genelar. But also there's a Doctor Who poster, toy TARDIS, two Keep Calm posters - one with Ian Somerhalder and another with Benedict Cumberbatch. Plus they are also somewhere else. I have two little poscards with "vintage" educational Indian posters, they are great.
You may ask why Leonardo? It's one of my fav paintings and I also joke alot that Cecilia's my bro girlfriend xD Cinema Paradiso - easily one of the best movies ever made.
Near Malaika and that 'Save the planet, Kill yourself' thing, there's a cute postcard with Sonali dancing with Govinda, my sis bought me this one.
In the middle, there's a lovely ad for some Indian clothing company. I adore it, though I have no idea about the company at all xD It's great and cheers me up sometimes.
That paper with written Surya, Vishal, Prabhas, Mahesh, NTR Jr on it, is pretty old. Two, three years since it's on my wall. Sometimes, when I get a superb idea, I write it down on it :)
And yeah, I hate Fashion but I love the poster designs and that two litte posters were a gift from my sis.
It's above my bed, I fall asleep while looking at it, like a boss.

How do you like it? :) For me it's splendid :D


I wonder about having some fashion police section here...

What you think, guys?

Why Anushka? Only to draw attention :D

Stupid Faces of Indian Cinema X

Une admiration beate

People who don't watch kannada movies... guess the rest of this sentence ;P

Trisha in 2000. RARE!

She's singing this song without knowing the words :P
She said that cinema is not her cup of tea... Yeah, we were supposed to belive you.

Une admiration beate

Cause it's a year since I adore Jiiva!
Read my review of SMS here, it was my first Jiiva movie :)

Une admiration beate

Anyone can tell me in which tamil movie that thing from, for instance, 1:20, was used in BGM?


Random thoughts after watching Force trailer

Watch the trailer first, then read my ramblings.

1. Kaaka Kaaka forever and the dwo days after that. Surya totally changed his fate after that movie and earlier Nanda. Which watching made Jyothika recomend Surya to the director, and then, while shooting, they felt in love with each other. And had to wait 5 years (yes! Surya narrated the whole story in some talk show.) for their parents to agree for them to marry. Today they have two cute children and are perfect :)


Another reason why I don't get the point of Daboo Ratnani's calendar.

Asin photo from the 2011 edition has been doing rounds in my circle of friends during January. Most if them didn't liked it, me neither. And as I was browsing google today to find some Sonali Bendre pictures (yeah, over 800 on my herddrive is not that much:P), I found this:

It's also clicked by Daboo.
Now compare to the Asin one.

Get some inspiration, man!

Mini again.

Dum Maaro Dum - pretty good, yet I don't get the point of Bips' character.

Arjunan Sakshi - well, it could be better... but I am not complaining.

Dharti - punjabi. WTF - who goes to a club and dances, wearing a coat? Overally it was gripping. And, damn, Jimmy is 40 years old - when he will stop playing students?

Prema Kavali - that deserves a full review :D

Sapoot - speechless? Erm. Like Sonali a lot.

Stupid faces of Indian Cinema IX

Stupid faces of Indian cinema VIII


Mini reviews.

Best Actor - Mammootty good as usual, nice movie. Loved the dialogue abt RGV :P

Diljale - ahh, I've been listening to

Zakhm - sooooo good.

Cocktail - boring... But I liked the ending.

Zakhmi Aurat - kannada action flick with Prema in lead as a cop dubbed into hindi. That was weird, yet the movie was pretty... entertaining. In a weird way :D

Marykkundoru Kunjadu - I like it :)

Goonda - whooooo, Radha and Chiru = always. Plus Silk Smitha and Rao Gopal Rao, my favest villain of all time!

Prema Nakshatram - love this cute train song!

Ride - rather bad. And hey, it's a mallu flick. Not the hindi one, I reviewed it before.

Abhinandana - I had no idea that Bewafa it's a remake of it... Seriously, this one was great, Bewafa is awful. Loved Shobhana-Karthik, great songs.

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