What is 'Masala w Bigosie'

Masala w Bigosie is an independent movie blog, focused on Indian Cinema. Run by Louella, it was made during August 2008. It was written in Polish, mostly. Then the author of it decided to use Indian cinema to improve her English and moved to BlogSpot from Wordpress, sticking to the previous title and changing the formula a bit.

It was November 2009 then and since that time, Louella managed to secure a safe place in the bolly blogosphere with her blog.

Masala w Bigosie is a Polish sentence and it means Bigos seasoned with Masala. Quite metaphorical, it means what Polish girl like Louella feels while making Indian Cinema her biggest passion, and how it affects her life.

What you can find on Masala w Bigosie? Reviews, comixes, screencapses, essays, analises, photos, scans, trivia, family threes, videos... Everything cinema-related and what is interesting to Louella at that point of time.

Reviews aren't long, they are simple and ends up with a rate (from 0,1 to 5+) and something called Vasool Meter (VM, from 0% to 100%), which originated in the term paisa vasool and goes for the reviewer's opinion if the movie is enjoyable. Because good movies can be painful and bad really fun so these two rates doesn't goes in sync most of the time.

Other things, like intermission junkie, stupid faces of Indian cinema, admiration beaute etc are rather unconventional and bit unsual.

BLOGUE is a emagazine about Bollywood blogosphere. Non-commercial and independent. Two issues a month, up to 30 graphically advanced pages. Probably Louella's biggest pride and something which she hate sometime. Especially when she has no idea what to do and everything she did looks ugly to her.
Every issue features a bolly blogger, that is a person who blogs about Indian cinema. Also it features links to some rocking posts, cool tumblr and a guest feature.

Masala w Bigosie is a blog, which is different, creepy and strange yet quite nice in a way.
Worth a reading every week :)

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