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Mini reviews.

Lion of Punjab - I wanted to watch some straight punjabi movie but this one turned out to be just a remake. Remake of one of my fav Vikram movies, Dhool. It was very much like the tamil original, frame-to-frame. I detested the lead heroine, she was defenitely unimpressive. The second one was fun, and her songs were awesome. The last one, with chorus - "I am fine as Kareena, but you are no where close to Saif". And one thing - that guy in lead can dance!

Christian Brothers - Mohanlal to the rescue 24/7. 3 hours, loved Dileep in it.

404 Error Not Found - pretty weird...

Shaitan - reminds me that movie with Keira Knightley. Kalki rocks.

Hududga Hudugi - Johared! Lots of "hot" ladies in the cast, though. Ileana, Lekha, Anitha, Sada...

Tera Mera Saath Rahen - nice one, Sonali did a great job.

Kannodu Kaanbathellam - I expected something usual, yet it was good. Watched all that southies with Sonali, I feel proud :D Mission accomplished!


Mini again.

Dum Maaro Dum - pretty good, yet I don't get the point of Bips' character.

Arjunan Sakshi - well, it could be better... but I am not complaining.

Dharti - punjabi. WTF - who goes to a club and dances, wearing a coat? Overally it was gripping. And, damn, Jimmy is 40 years old - when he will stop playing students?

Prema Kavali - that deserves a full review :D

Sapoot - speechless? Erm. Like Sonali a lot.


My second Punjabi movie, I don't know what to think - Mel Karade Rabba (2010)

Well, Prathna tweeted about this one, I thought - why not. As it had good BO and reviews wasn't bad.
God, I should remember that Ekam, my first Punjabi movie, seemed the same...

The story of Mel Karade Rabba is set in college, then it moves to country mansion and then it comebacks to city.

The lead guy, Rajveer (Jimmy Shergill), falls in love with a super-good girl, Seerat (Neeru Bajwa). He's got everything he wants, only the girl doesn't want him and she says yes to Nihaal (Gippy Grewal), Rajveer's biggest enemy.

Honestly? For me someone saw Arya 2 and tried to make the story seem like Punjabi flick. Of course, there are changes, but overal idea is similar.


My first Punjabi movie - Ekam (2010)

For now, I saw movies in 7 Indian langs, my ambition is to see more than 20 from each and every industry :)

I just can't help finding synopsis from Wiki Auntie funny:
This film is about family relations and family disputes. It’s a triangular love story with full of comedy. It’s about villager’s life and a journey of a hero from metro city to village where he helps poor farmers. He gives away his land to the villagers. Shortly we can say it’s all about Punjab’s present situations. This film has eight songs romantic and few tracks are sad, one song for farmers who died because of poverty. This is also a romantic and emotional love story.

I choosed this one because it's recent and it had English subs. And reception was good.
Babbu Maan, who played Ekam, our hero who comeback from Australia to Punjab, only didn't directed this flick, music his by him, he produced it... Ekam is everyman, but emotional side of this character is complicated. He doesn't accept his step mother and his so called "romance" is a wood not burning ocean.
Who casted girls? The second one seemed to be intelligent but he used to came in most unexpected moments so she became irritianing. But not that much like the main one, which is in my personal the top of most stupid and annoying heroines ever.

Most memorable moment:
Oh yes. But I think there aren't much "true drunkards" in the world, beer companies won't survive then.


Quick guide to reviews

  1. I do not aspire to be a great film critic, I just want to share my joy, if movie was good, and anger, if it was a disaster.
  2. I recap my reviews in two ways:
    1) classic 1-5 rate - if it was good in technical etc. ways, it can get max 5 (I also gives - or +),
    2) vasool meter - if it was  worth watching, read - paisa vasool. Only five grades - 0%, 25%, 50%, 75% and max 100%.
  3. They aren't long beacause I always has maaany things to say but when it comes to write it, I always gets lazy :P
  4. I totally adore some actors/actress and sometimes my jugement just can't be justice :)
  5. My taste is very specific. Really!

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